Asean economic minister meeting rotating chairman

2. According to the above results, the next year, the American domestic gasoline price rise could reach 10%, even 20%. In the next three years, gasoline prices could rise by more than 30%, which means that consumers   cheap huarance free 2012 shoes every gallon of gasoline need to pay more for $1.4. Such a high oil prices on the U.S. economy will have a very big negative impact.

3. The gross domestic product (GDP) in the next year fell by 0.6%, or about $90 billion. By the third year, the United States in total GDP declines will reach 2.5%, or about $360 billion. Based on today’s economic growth rate, the decline range is enough to make the U.S. economy into recession again.

4. The unemployment rate will be increased by 0.3% in a year, two years later rose by 1%, it will lead to about 1.5 million americans lost their jobs.

It is important to emphasize that the four main results or based on no war outbreak situation. If Iran and Saudi Arabia, Israel on any side of the nuclear war, the United States for the consumption of war economic cost will be huge. Specifically, the war can make oil prices rose $2.75 per gallon. At the same time, the American GDP will decline 8% in a year, and at the same time, 5 million   nike lunareclipse men’s shoes for sale americans will be unemployed.

The calculation above clearly show that, for the United States policy makers, in trying to prevent Iran from the manufacture of nuclear weapons at the same time, they must consider what the U.S. economy in the short term will be what kind of degree of influence. From a long-term perspective, a nuclear Iran is likely to make the United States economic cost increase.
India and asean has will determine the relations between the two sides to upgrade to a “strategic partner” relationship, and clearly puts forward India and asean in Marine safety and other areas of defense cooperation. According to this several media reports, the two sides will in twenty days in new Delhi to 21 at the twentieth “India – asean” commemorative summit statement said. At the appointed time, will also announced that India and asean is the service and investment fields free  trade agreement negotiations have been completed.

Asean economic minister meeting rotating chairman, Cambodia and commercial secretary of state of rush raschig 17 in phnom penh confirmed the news, and Japan, kyodo news agency and reports, the club reporter has got the statement of the draft. Reported that the draft shows that in  nike lunareclipse 2 sneakers sale addition to a regular senior level security dialogue to share information outside, will also confirmed that both sides in the Marine safety, freedom of navigation, access to resources, Marine traffic thoroughfare safety strengthen cooperation.

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