attention to what happened next door yard

Beijing police from Shuanghe Village

Court No. 126 and No. 102 yard until the morning of May 2 this year, with more

than 20 people in Henan, some villagers have only vaguely heard two yard turned

out to be the legendary visit to the “black prison. ” The next day, 10 Henan

Yuzhou farmers on suspicion of the crime of illegal detention, criminal

detention. A month later, eight of them were arrested, the remaining two minors

were released on bail, back to of Yuzhou pay Village home. So far, they have gone

through two trial.”If I were again two minutes, all right.” Little said, when the

police came, he was with several petitioners outside to let in fresh air. Near

the entrance of the court to be back to see several police cars parked, not

turned, a policeman waved towards him, he obediently walked over.According to the

informant of Jinhong Juan, and Jia Qiuxia say they were with the police, is

worried not find who had detaine cheap nike air max 2009 shoes online

d their “black jails”, and several black security

escorted several petitioners back to back.Chaoyang District Prosecutor’s Office

investigation, in February of thi  cheap nike air max 95 sale online s year, farmers in Henan Yuzhou pay Ka Wang

Gaowei funded tenant Shuanghe Village Court No. 126 and No. 102 hospital, employ

at least nine home by his accomplices to pay towards the new farmers custody

Henan membership petitioners. The description of the parties, 126 homes are

referred to as “the No. 1 Court, with its 300 meters away from No. 102 Yuan is

known as the” No. 2 hospital “, the monthly rent of 3,000 yuan. Over the past few

months, at least on hundred    nike air max 95 360 uk sale petitioners had shelter two yard. In which the

residents of the 2nd Court “, including a report of four Yuzhou female

petitioners.The four recalls, stepped into the 2nd Court of a security door, they

have lost their freedom, no time. They are trapped in the room with no windows,

only a dim bulb, the phone is taken away, they can only rely on barely speculate

bucket outdoor meals during the day or night. Their breakfast and dinner bread

pickles and hard to swallow, because there is no rice porridge, lunch generally

noodles.Late at night on April 27, they by Wang Gaowei men from the the Hisataka

village Petition aid to service center received a double-Hop Village “We resist,

hit” Sheue-Fang Song said, against the most powerful bike on white CMB Jinhong

Juan is off shirt hooded upper body only significantly bra slapped. She could

hear the batterer Yuzhou accent, it is advised that they do not hit, “lesbians

can when your mother” useless.And several other petitioners, Sheue-Fang Song

refers to to recognize Li Yuzhu (Hebei Zhuozhou, not justice) an

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