for the Riverside town’s seal.Guixi municipal

for the Rive authorities introduced said that the nursery without approval is illegal kindergartens, Riverside town government has repeatedly ordered its rectification.Villagers Peng before told reporters, Zhou Chune had to work out, did some time tailor, back to the village in 2004 to take advantage of her brother’s house to do a kindergarten, kindergarten until 2006, moved into a new h  north face denali fleece jacket uk sale womens ouse at this home cover.Alarm bells ringingAfter the accident, Guixi municipal government quickly organized forces to the scene to rescue the wounded for medical treatment, accident investigation, and deal with the aftermath. Guixi Municipal Publicity Department, said Guixi City Riverside Town People’s Government and the families of the victims children sign a traffic accident agreement, one-time compensation of 480,000 yuan the whole of the family of the deceased, and the fo  north face womens shoes uk sale rm of cash.For this vicious accident, the public opinion are all in deplored the innocent loss of life of the 11 children at the same time, consistent hope that this incident can alert the relevant government authorities throughout the country to act quickly control checks to eliminate potential accidents, the tragedy occurred.Xinhua News Agency reporter Tu ChaohuaThe Jiangxi school bus accident accident driver XingJu the “black” nursery is shut downDecember 24, Guixi City rollover accident with the van fell into the water, leading to three young children died on the spot, eight children died, and four children were injured. On the morning of the 25th, the relevant departments and the relatives of the victims children signed an agreement aftermath  north face women trousers uk sale of compensation have all been released every bereaved families of children of RMB 48 million.Reporter survey found that the reasons behind the accident and previous similar incident occurred strikingly similar: someone’s nursery is a company without the approval of the rural “black” nursery the van belonging after a modified school bus accident, the core set of 7 vehicles of the time of the incident implemented to carry 17 people, of which 15 were young children, the time of the incident driving the van driver nursery owners. The local has shut down the Spring Bud kindergarten driver was Zhouchun E has been under criminal detention by the public security organs.Tragic accidentKindergarten accident named the Spring Bud kindergarten, located in the, Guixi City Riverside Town Sands village. This kindergarten was founded on September 1, 2004, 4 classes of 95 students, teachers, Zhouchun E, Peng Renbing couple founded, students are Riverside town’s young children.Guixi City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade accident told reporters preliminary investigation report, at 8:45 on December 24, the Spring Bud the nursery owners Zhouchun E driving license plate number Gan LP2689 “a minibus by Riverside town Hung Tong Estate, then return to the self-management of kindergarten students, a pond at reaching Hung Tong Village co-disk village group Village Road, due to the improper operation of vehicles on the pond. The accident, in addition to the driver, the car contained a total of 15 children and a teacher. To about 9:30, three children were killed, and 10 children rside town’s seal.Guixi municipal

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