from January 1 next year, the Yangcheng

 Evening News reporter Huang Liang

reported. The original electronic pile and nine selected three will be five

compulsory replaced. 10 examination of each candidate, if a last examination of

the subjects still unsatisfactory, that voided the original results of all

qualified. The examinees from New Year’s Day next year’s ticket, valid three

years, has been in school candidates in 2011 enrollment, semester can also be

extended to 3 years.Electronic pile and Nine election “not test from January 1,

2013, Guangzhou will be in accordance with the Ministry of Public Order new rules

start exam 123, including five compulsory (ie reversing warehousing, the Banpo

start, side orientation parking, the curve traveling and right-angle turn) will

replace the the electronic pile and nine election require a reservation all

finished. It is understood that, after January 1 next year, all subjects not

completed two exams, studcheap nike lunareclipse 2 men’s running  ents must participate in five compulsory “, which on

December 31 this year by electronic Zhuangkao waiver reversing warehousing.After

the enforcement of the new regulations, “five compulsory” once about exam once

finished, etc. So the original into electronic pile and “nine selected three

subjects II focused on at once, the actual process will significantly shorten the

waiting time.Re-examination appcheap nike zoom elite 5 womens  ointment time is reduced to 10, 2009 according to

the new regulations, driving admission ticket Ming period, the two subjects, the

number of subjects three road driving skills test appointment shall not be more

than five times; each subject exam failed to make-up time, ie two subjects and

subjects each with 10 examination opportunities. However, the 5th appointment

exam still fail the other subjeccheap nike air relentless msl shoes  ts, has passed the examination results will be

void. The same time, the three exams of two subjects, subjects failed to re-apply

for the exam appointment time shortened from 20 days to 10 days.Subjects one and

subjects safe and civilized driving common sense examination appointment

restrictions on the number of the subjects three safe and civilized driving

common sense examination failed effectively through road driving skills test

results.Registration semester in 2011 after the introduction of new regulations

can be extended to three years, the area of ​​concern, when the registration of the

candidates can enjoy extended to 3 years  In this regard, the Vehicle

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