HanMou due to suffer from skin disease

In the afternoon, the reporter comes to this piece of part, meet someone in the burning leaves. A staff, told reporters that leaves   nike free run womens shoes sale burned really helpless raise. Before someone once set fire in part, because the leaves scattered area is larger, the fire after place, destroyed a lot of green plants. In order to prevent similar things happen again, they will leaves, centralized incineration.

HuBeiJi 17 year old girl HanMou met online in the nanning “and the second generation” and “blue ocean maple”, “blue ocean maple” to can help put on the skin will HanMou cheat to nanning. The “blue ocean maple” tear off camouflage “mask”, the girl tied, let his family ransom. On December 25,, HanMou in police’s help, with his father has been safely away from nanning.

HanMou due to suffer from skin disease, and follow my parents work in jinan, conveniently for treatment. By the middle of December, she met online another player “blue ocean maple”. In the chat in the process, “blue ocean maple” claim “and the second generation”, willing to help HanMou contact a doctor to treat skin disease. HanMou listen to very touched, 17 on the jinan to nanning train.

19, HanMou to nanning, the “blue ocean maple”   cheap nike free run 2 womens

arranged for her to live in love and in a hotel, in order to help HanMou buy clothes as took her credit card, and it took 1900 yuan. At noon the following day, “blue ocean maple” tell HanMou, his father for help him to do a gift and put in prison, officials now need $10000 bail, let HanMou to call home to borrow money. HanMou believe his words, to make a phone call to borrow money from his father, but his father refused.

“Blue ocean maple” that not able to borrow money  immediately after temper big change, will HanMou to pour in bed, and will HanMou tied up, and then use the sealing rubber seal HanMou mouth, and a HanMou pressed to say phone password. Get in HanMou phone password, “blue ocean maple” to HanMou father hair message: HanMou in foreign car accident, are in urgent need of rescue hospital, immediately come to collect 10000 yuan, 8000 yuan to also go, half an hour less than zhang just couldn’t save.

Receive a message of Korea’s father was frightened, immediately call her daughter’s phone. “Blue ocean maple” answering the telephone, said: “HanMou has now been I cheat to nanning, if don’t collect 8000 yuan to come over, I will   cheap nike air relentless 2

put her off.” Korea’s dad immediately to the police alarm. The police also call HanMou call, but the telephone has been in the “space” condition, Korea’s dad could through the hair message to delay the time.

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