llegal income amount is huge behavior

April 6, 2011, XuBing method to his wife’s name in the name of the building materials sales, forge a purchase and sales contract, in order to replenish onr’s stock, with 4 for between appearance room do   cheap nike air max ltd 2 mortgage, success to show the bank is 3 million yuan.

After several setbacks, XuBing method will all the money lent, loyalty.

Loyalty, since the borrowed money later, for the method of payment XuBing five period of interest, a total of $575000. XuBing method button to myself to give it to the bank of interest, the actual profit of 350000 yuan.

Things are going very well, see the last reimbursement is coming, and XuBing method remind, chung ready to interest principal. But this time, o chung said don’t principal, even the last issue of interest and not to come out.

Originally, o good investment is not what ore, but borrow   cheap nike air max tn shoe outlet money to fry, now all the money in the stock market was hung up. XuBing method couple this dumbfounded, and they want to put the money to gather together together, hurriedly put on the loan to the bank.

After that, XuBing method couples a complaint, advice o on court. However, the judge in the case in the process of trial, the case that criminal suspects, then transfer to the public security organs filed investigation.

In may this year, hangzhou yuhang district procuratorate of usury onlend sin XuBing method for couples to Sue. After the court hearing, the above judgment.

For the case of hangzhou yuhang district  prosecutors explained, usury onlend crime refers to onlend for the purpose of making a profit, taking financial institutions credit capital usury onlend others, illegal income amount is huge behavior. XuBing method couples with forged buying and selling contract to usury onlend for the purpose, the actual profit of more than 350000 yuan, belong to illegal income amount is huge, already constitute a high interest onlend sin. That cable fall off, blocking traffic, the traffic police department after the fuyang three workers, take the cable up, and   cheap nike air max 2013 outlet in order to ensure the coast is clear. The move by passing net friend took and uploaded to the network, the three are also being net friend called “lift elder brother”. Not only that, “lift elder brother” was “anhui published” on the micro bo praise.

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