major airlines in the cabin of the lost item types and value

Maritime law enforcement base construction goes well

Based on this, since this year, the city Marine law enforcement equipment have been further improved, ship law enforcement cheap nike air max ltd uk boats already launching fall in or started to build. 500 t, the fisheries management already build completed, into the formation sequence; 300 t, 400 t HaiJian of fishery administration and law enforcement ship will consign is used, Total cost of 350 million yuan of three new series ship HaiJian law enforcement ship recently began to build in wuhan, in 2014 will be undock launching, of which the largest tonnage a ship is equipped with law enforcement water gun and helicopter platform, strong production function. GanJingZiOu this year also launched 300 t fishery administration and law enforcement ship construction, basic equipment power synchronous enhancement. Is expected to two years later, the maritime law enforcement boats gross tonnage will be over ten thousand tons, the total power of nearly 50000 kilowatts.

For better performance of Marine monitoring management function, this year the city three Marine rights protection law enforcement base construction is in the middle, formed the base of law enforcement in urban and rural areas favorable situation. At present, the dalian bay cotton island comprehensive law enforcement wharf the reconstruction work goes well, lushun double island comprehensive law enforcement floor is to be completed. This spring the start of ChangHaiXian small loss
nike air max 2012 uk cheap  island comprehensive law enforcement base with a total investment of more than 8000 yuan. For investment projects in the northeast area the only island county, located in the city of the construction of the Marine ranch core and famous oceanic island fishing ground, wait for next year after project completion, promote the city Marine pasture construction and maintenance  of China’s ocean legal rights and interests, and strengthen the protection of the Marine environment play an important role.
Kabul news: started from 17 to visit Afghanistan GaoKe and German President, in Kabul said, o, Germany will by the end of 2014 in NATO withdrawal to Afghanistan after continue to support. The important GaoKe aims at Christmas approaching to the German army stationed in Afghanistan to express sympathy. At present, Germany is the United States and Britain in Afghanistan after the largest number of countries.

By plane, because the trip in a hurry, lost in the cabin of the item phenomenon occurs frequently, and yesterday, airlines remind all passengers, baggage or missing items, the first time in the air “angel” help than to others for help, the more simple the more quickly find the lost.

In recent years, major airlines in the cabin of the lost item types and value increasing year by year, with tianjin aviation for example, 2012 nike air max 2012 womens cheap  passengers on the plane and the lost cabin near the items have cash, notebook computers, mobile phones, jewelry, etc., under the passenger plane, flight attendants to cabin for a series of sorting and inspection, it is fast find lost items to pull on the first line of defense.

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