of 30%, I think it should be used

as a legal red line. Second, we follow the most expensive of the government, such as the Chinese government administrative official expenditures year shall not exceed 18%, of course, now is certainly not reach.   cheap nike air max 2009 shoes online For example, can start from next year, our new secretary of the new prime minister came to power, drive down two percentage points per year, pressure decade, pressure to 18%. I think this is the second red line, is in accordance with the law. Expansion because many agencies, that the leading piece to set up the offi  cheap nike air max 95 sale online ce, the last director of the Office of the Civil Service, the two deputy director of career preparation, others are co-compiled, now most of the urban management is. Financial preparation is not related batch compiled BianBan, and finally to the fiscal that said there was no funding, the NDRC Price Bureau said that you may not have a toll project, his last income and expenditure, beyond the reward is divided into fine. I personally think that the the administrative official operation inside 50   nike air max 95 360 uk sale % of the money from this money. I think that must be blocked fees and fines, outside you in addition to taxes, what other can not take it, the closing is illegal. If this principle is not laid down, he can not through taxes, through fees, fines, Why probe so much on the highway which is 160 kilometers, suddenly becomes 60 km, in that he was waiting for You give him money. So, I think that must take charge and a fine of cleanup.In addition, I think that the people’s congresses should be reinvented deputies 70-80% of all government both houses of officials, this is not called the representatives of the people, the government representatives. You say you mayor sat there, my how the trial budget  Second, the National People’s Congress a year on the open days, two hours to discuss the budget, and many deputies said the budget comic singing, he does not triage. I feel like we Zhuren this are extremely rare, and I think the inside of people’s deputies should be like Zhuren this better, like singing, dancing, the better, you should not want him to have emigrated to other countries especially let him, a foreigner review our budget doing  Nothing to do with him.

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