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he last, after all, our regulation for more than two years, then some in the regulation of the beginning restriction policy, but regulation after two years, a lot of people have to meet the conditions of purchase, for the purchase of the city, the release of part of the demand, the markets are in just the purchase of the initial market expectations possible trend is not very optimistic, many people hold out, Cheap air jordan 1 shoesso this year has an obvious release.?Eighteen after the real estate control direction, the next decade prices doubling misreading?The income level of residents over the next decade to doubling. Well, this is on the real estate industry which iair jordan 2 basketball shoes for cheaps read as to push the high prices this is a misreading. Why, exactly, my judgment is this, a real estate control policies will be a medium-to-long-term process, and long-term process, and it will not happen overnight, but will not release a short period of time, precisely for Politburo Standing Committee meeting held on the 4th, the Central Economic Work Conference set the tone for the economic development of 2013 we have set the tone, which is very important, is on the Central Economic Work Conference, re also stressed that we have to in order to maintvair jordan 3 shoes buy online ain continuity of policy coherence.?Future real estate market should be regulation is the medium to long term?The second is to maintain the stability of the policy, which is a special emphasis on the need to unswervingly adhere to the real estate control policies, and to increase protection of housing construction efforts, so we can come to the idea of ??future real estate market should be regulation is the medium to long term and increase protection of housing construction efforts, and that is the way to build the two-track system continues to go down. The low-end security room in the high-end of the income is market-oriented, market-oriented and does not allow speculation transition speculation, then a long-term.?So this with the results and experiences of the past two years the regulation tells us that the rapid rise in house prices has been curb, if we continue to go so, I think is still able to do this, then this is a. I just did not talk about the revenue piece of fact, we talk about how to talk about so-called improve the lives of the residents income how to understand this problem, it is assumed that the future residents living revenue really doubled in the next decade, but the price level rose more than doubled, including prices more than doubled, and you

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