The statement also said that the view of the urgency of

The statement also said that the view of the urgency of the issue

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, members of the Council will continue on how to respond appropriately and negotiate. Whether the reaction of the Security Council with the United States and Europe to seek new sanctions, first of all depends on North Korea’s closest ally, China, but China is not yet clear.

“This preliminary statement is one of the most rapid ever issued by the Council, the most hard-line statement,” Condoleezza Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, said that the members of the Council must be concerted, consequences of violation of Security Council resolution on North Korea to send a clear signal. But it seems in Reuters, “The early signs are not encouraging.”

The reports said a Western diplomat said, the Council may adopt new sanctions debate, the representatives of both the United States and is the best solution for the next step “heated discussion” during ‘absurd’ is a word used more than once
Sent a signal of willingness to take tough new measures in the discussion of the Council, the representative of China boycott of the Security Council statement adopted tough criticism wording oppose North Korea’s ballistic missile technology 2010 nike air max for sale mentioned in the statement, but in the end under pressure by the United States to change this stance.

AFP also said that China continue to resist pressure from the United States on Thursday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said, need to consider carefully the Security Council reaction, moderate, and should be conducive to safeguarding peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula, and to avoid the situation turns upgrade.

“Why only expressed regret that North Korea launched a rocket?” American “Christian Science Monitor” as said in the title, the United Nations sanctions against North Korea in 2006 and 2009, twice, prohibited the sale of heavy military equipment against the DPRK on the DPRK leader implementation of financial sanctions and institutions, and to authorize States to Korean vessels in violation of the sanctions is believed to intercept search.

These two have been able to get China to agree, nike air max 2009 mens sale because after the nuclear test in North Korea. Beijing on North Korea’s rocket launch behavior reaction relative restraint.

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