usually MaPengFei will go home for lunch

upervisor was GPS monitoring

Each urban management supervisor is equipped with a urban management through mobile phone, it has GPS positioning nike free 3.0 v4 sale   function, supervisor daily patrol path is automatically in digital urban management office command center on a big screen display. If any supervisor long time stay in one place does not move, the command center immediately can know, and then will make a phone call past ask. Therefore, supervisor to lazy is impossible.

As the autumn, kunming morning air temperature is low. The number of pedestrians wrapped in thick coat and hurried forward. MaPengFei side rubbing his hands to keep warm, round side look in all directions. He for a while in the flower-stand Chou Chou, in a short while and stared at the bus station to the billboard, while bent down to see drain for a while, then went to the garbage can see. From outsider’s point of view, the more than twenty years old young man like some fool along.

Due to the sanitation worker just had done cleaning, morning health problems generally less. The new MaPengFei southwest parkson along the walk to nanping street, temporary don’t see any problem. But soon, he took out the urban management through mobile phone, nanping street one place flower-stand below a piece of waste rock. “It belongs to the construction waste.” MaPengFei quickly take good pictures, and with time, place, event content description, send report to kunming nike free 4.0 v2 sneakers on sale digital urban management command center.

Go forward again, treasure good street 54 shops have construction dust, protecting road near the road 43 leaves too much, MaPengFei will report problems one by one.

After treasure good street, he found that some ZhanDao business situation, choose far candid camera. Just was engaged in this line, because do not understand the skills, found ZhanDao management situation of he went to take pictures, so often and vendors on conflict, “I just come to the third month, because they take a few vendor, a group of people around, there was a small conflict, and the necessary called the police”. Later, MaPengFei chose quietly shooting, avoid and very positive conflict happened. But time is long, in the area of the vendor stall gradually know him, “they hated me”.

Report a problem is a case

Soon came to 12 o ‘clock, usually MaPengFei will go home for lunch, but the monitor just patrols to his “responsibility farmland”, hence
cheap nike free 5.0 v4 mens  everything around for lunch.

Pass by protecting bridge, two people habitually bridge to look at, suddenly found that there was a large stand water. “And there is no rain, which come of water?” Two people looked at the time but could not find the reason, then hurriedly will report problems.

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