years, the vast majority occur in the coastal

cities of Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Dalian, whose common feature is the locals income levels higher. For the less developed regions, such as Yunnan Luliang County chemical plant of chromium residue pollution accidents, it is difficult to form a local society members together, forced some victims can only select chemical plant workers, let alone oppose for their livelihood.Qidong experience “a long-term internal and external forces to oppose the concept of people. But in other places pollution project, it is difficult to have such a long period of time sufficient to allow opponents fully prepared, often the voice of opposition has not fully express the projects already started construction, and can not play Qidong “moisten things silently” effect.”Later, reflection, time node is also very important, before we Shifang just happened  cheap air jordan 9 shoes vicious incident, criticized local government, public awareness of the importance of environmental protection heat is not over; secondly eighteen major.” Yuan Zhiyong said, “If it is not this a good time, what are the results difficult to say. “Original title: Henan CPPCC Standing Committee oppose Hiratsuka Free claimed to have ready ShashenchengrenZhao Crow microblogging screenshot[Xinhua micro assessment] onl  cheap air jordan 7 retroy questioned Nanyang Hiratsuka Movement microblogging CPPCC Standing Committee of Henan Province, Zhao Crow suffered a series of unexpected trouble. And regardless of the identity of the CPPCC Standing Committee member of the Zhao Crow, and even ordinary citizens should also have the freedom of speech. The Hiratsuka movement of this censure boiling questioned by retaliation, it is incredible. China is a country ruled by law, and the government to accept supervision and tolerate criticism least.Reporter Yu-Ming ChenNews Review:Henan CPPCC Standin  cheap air jordan 8 retrog Committee against Hiratsuka Free leadership called political immaturityZhao Crow: social problems, and how it does not allow people to say  We do not say, the problem is to get rid of this  I said, no one told me what went wrong. I only heard leaders and others said “political immaturity”.(Editor: EMULATION)For Internet users in the micro-Bo said, “Ya force in the hospital committed suicide, surveyed Ya Shanxi Province Public Security Bureau official microblogging” Shanxi “this morning, said in a news release, the rumors of the news department, has been suspended from duty due to illness is still in the hospital hospitalization.Afterward, the reporter by the person in charge of Shanxi Province Public Security Bureau publicity on the news to be confirmed.On the 24th, the screen name “Zhang fortune 2011 micro-Bo said,” According to internal sources, Shanxi Province Public Security Bureau deputy

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