Alexander Luo Keshen, first deputy general

Alexander Luo Keshen, first deputy general manager of the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation to China to attend the groundbreakingcheap nike lunareclipse 2 ceremony, Russian media said Russia and senior government officials have been on the construction of the Tianwan nuclear power plant cooperation from 5 to 8 at the December meeting of the Sino-Russian energy negotiators Unit reached a preliminary agreement to open negotiations.

Luo Keshen said in mid-January negotiations will enter a new stage, which includes both the construction of the Tianwan nuclear power plant, but also including the selection of the new venue.

Inland Postponed

Inland nuclear power projects a lot of preliminary work has been started, invested only gate to be policy

The official blew the nuclear restart the horn from last October.

In October 2012, the policy to support the development of nuclear power into the period of intensive released. Nuclear safety and radioactive pollution prevention “12th Five-Year Plan and the 2020 vision”, “China’s Energy Policy (2012) White Paper to guide the development of nuclear power policies have been put forward. Especially on October 24 last year, the State Council passed the “nuclear safety plan (2011-2020)” (hereinafter referred to as “nuclear safety plan”) and “long-term nuclear power development plan (2011-2020)”, clearly pointed out the need to restore nuclear power normal nike lunarglide 3

However, the meeting also proposed to arrange inland nuclear power projects within three years.

In the eyes of many people in the industry, which means that, despite the nuclear thaw, but the next time of nuclear power will be difficult to achieve large-scale construction.

“From the point of view of the Government’s attitude, the scale and speed of the development of nuclear power may have slowed down short time concentrated batch of more than 10 million kilowatts, it is difficult to occur again.” Xiamen University, China Energy Economic Research Center Lin Boqiang case said.

For advance layout inland nuclear power plant a few large nuclear power company and local government, for at least the next three years, but also to continue to bear the impact of the pause.

The data show that the Hunan Taohuajiang Jiangxi pengzecheap nike roshe run shoes , Xianning only three inland nuclear power projects have been carried out preparatory work, the current cumulative investment of over 10 billion yuan.

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