Asked out long been curious question

Asked out long been curious question: “Why is Deng cheap nike air max 2009 shoes online Xiaoping a soft spot for the ‘invisible hand’? former commanded millions of field army, served as the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council of the big politicians clearly have a pair of ‘visible hand’ Is he not do not know, to expand the market price mechanism in allocating resources range, the total contraction in part dictate the scope of the ‘visible hand’? powers in hand, resolutely advancing prices checkpoints, is this why? ”

Then get the answer, is nothing more than a highly centralized planned system gradually accumulated towering operating costs, Once you reach unbearable degree of decentralization reform “is perhaps a relief outlets. As for the the super national company has always been Zhengqigeyi “power + right” Once decentralization, not completely controlled by the above. The increase in the variety of intent, concept, stakeholders history of occasional small event, with the impact on the actual path of the “decentralization” and results.

In hindsight, decentralization substantially “the troops in three columns: the part of the right to put a private, such as rural land contracting rights to farmers, the founder of the private enterprises the right to urban and rural entrepreneurs; part of the right to put a” state-owned enterprises, according to the restructuring huge family; degree or more like private, or more like the male part of the right to local government, the formation of a widely publicized “local government companies. Nor what rights are to go down, and the currency right taxation rights, and all these years more you use the more frequent the “right to regulate” (essentially the right to control the market), basic or control in the hands of the central government and its ministries. cheap nike air max 95 sale online

Here said single transfer of land rights on the local government. Nice surprise: no one expected Pingpingchangchang’s land I was surprised to hide such a huge economic power. Behind factor mobility and agglomeration laws at work in the land where release of huge gains, and eventually have to decide how to allocate the existing power structure. Since the land from the top-down allocation system evolved into the transfer of local market dominated system, industrialization and urbanization brought up the land revenue in local government “pocket”, can be considered a matter of course. Looking back, if it were not for that chunk of land transfer income, these days the Local Government how too?

This also brings out another effect: put the rights of local governments, is not all that easy to recapture go! The reason only one centralized decentralization because operating costs are too high, more harm than good, so decentralization. The small size of the local government a few dozen, a few hundred, they grip the right in the hands of the “net income” generally quite high. If so, what would go on decentralization? From international experience, once prosperous very, won the World Bank in recognition of the “East Asian experience, not by the government in the economic growth also play a more active role?

The problem is that the size of Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other countries is a lot smaller than China to go to East Asia, almost elephants such as squirrels, like dance, juggle. But China’s local governments, in the scale size with a number of countries in East Asia is a “perfect match”. Personal opinion, these years of so-called “strong government Chinese model” of local government in economic affairs is truly strong. The advantage of the nationwide “boilerplate Olympics such as Beijing, Shanghai to host the event, of course, can not be separated from the coordination of the central government, but the real key to a strong government of the two cities very sensitive. The mechanism behind is experienced decentralization reforms of the early fall that nike air max 95 360 uk sale some of the powers of the local government, the need for decentralization.

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