Breakdown Zhou fame after the war of words

Breakdown Zhou fame after the war of words, in addition to the with friends “war”, Zhou Libo still online with the help of social celebrities “catch nike air max 95 360 womens sale on the athletic field. Among the “fake fighter” Fang Zhou called the left bucket feces; poet Ye Kuang Zhou batch is in the “overflow manure”; Peking University professor Qingdong Comments Zhou Libo’s article last year, also by Zhou curse into a fish smell. Face of ridicule by many microblogging, Zhou Libo Yuezhanyueyong, the selection of representatives answered one by one, to greeting others last generation, directly exposing some for and some acquaintances scars; And throw from the palace ‘, “never regret theory. ”

Opened its thin record, was shelling all the time has public opinion weathervane figures Garlic On “Guo Degang, to voice the door crammed Fang to” complex facial features Qingdong, backing each not small, quite frankly, Zhou Libo is will curse also select the object to be scolded, this is more like a accents the cross-border performances. But on the other hand, we have seen, Zhou Libo is still somewhat in awe, Feng Xiaogang, Qian Wenzhong, Lang, these the elite strategically advantageous position in some areas, on different occasions, billed as their friends, respectful plus. Perhaps in the authoritative front let alone not sound premise, Zhou Libo no exception.

The public figures remarks scale boundary
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Zhou’s “curse show”, reveals heartfelt Pride and Prejudice. Public figures so Xiaodujichang, the then, literary criticism, not to ban roll call, only with “XXX”? This is particularly reflected in the upgrade users ZuiZhang, not his humor as “Shanghai Qing mouth” wisdom, but exports into the dirty, for example, said of those friends call him “untouchable”, and said, “I spit it out more than you eat, you eat slowly. This is not unusual sense of the dispute, but users undisguised personal insults, as well as the onlookers are surprised: it is difficult to imagine that these bad words from the mouth of a red-hot star!

Some people might ask: users online can whims “wildly” one star why not? , No matter in what public occasions, stars can not be arbitrary, they must be cautious as to enjoy the benefits of public figures in the community, has a higher than ordinary users of moral consciousness and self-restraint. Be brought to the attention of the “celebrity” feathers, not hereditary, in addition to their own efforts, is also inseparable from the concern and support of the public. This is the proper meaning of the rights and obligations of the principle of reciprocity. The correct criticism can promote social progress and disorderly the borderless criticism will only lead to hostility cluster digestion consensus-based.

Clearly, Zhou did not realize it, or, more precisely, fame and fortune and left him to ignore these common sense, but arbitrary sway like a jerk own frivolous recrimination in the entire group of friends to do now contempt and insult, will be reduced to ordinary users or even lower level of their own moral standards, damage their image at the same time, also a harmful values ​​passed to the community: I now a celebrity, insult you, you could get and I what? This the scholar Zhang Ming’s commentary can be described corroboration, “It is an era of expansion and little-known Whenever nike air max 2012 womens uk sale I feel the world first the Shoubu the slightest criticism.

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