But senior bond researcher, told reporters that

But senior bond researcher, told reporters that, far from joint and several liability guarantee increase trust measures the effectiveness of some files is not necessarily effective due, the bank is not necessarily fulfilled. nike lunareclipse +2 breathe for sale

The previous pre-service training of local civil servants, but arrange to sanitation is the first time when the sanitation workers.

Xiao Xu said, to sanitation are from December 25 last year, she and sanitation are specified to give her a master, master with every time to sweep the road. Exactly the same as they work with the first-line sanitation workers, go to work at 3:00 every day, swept to 7:00 in the morning, then sweep from 11:30 to 16:30. And front-line workers in the same job, the same daily routine, the same labor.

County sanitation are also arrange to work scoring for each civil service sanitation workers, the unqualified civil servants will also be subject to a notice of criticism.

Sound many users think that was just a “show”

The news reported by the local media, sparked concerns of the community, the majority of readers support experience rank and labor practices, but also some people refer to as a “show”.

The User “Flying” said: “Although only a few days time experience, but allow new civil servants to first establish a grassroots awareness and emphasis on grass-roots work of civil servants is necessary.”
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Tencent website thread on the news, the reporter also saw many users believe that this is a “show”.

The friends “Guyan stone said:” The civil servants should be an annual one week to participate in full-time cleaning sanitation work rather than engage in a pre Zhou Zuoxiu.

“If you want civil servants foster grassroots awareness, not experience in the job before the sanitation work a week will be able to be done.” Friends “in the water side, said” the best often lower base, the rank of the civil service under a long-term mechanism , but now a lot of work in front-line is ‘temporary’. ”
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This is just a pre-job training official content

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