can basically be resolved

On January 21 this year, Wu Zhihui father Wu Sheng as call the reporter said, Zhihui has entered the 14th Air Force General hospital

inpatient bone marrow transplant nike air max 1 uk cheap sale  warehouse, timely surgery in the past two days. Unexpectedly, scheduled to be conducted in the afternoon of

January 22, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation has encountered trouble, temporary regret donate bone marrow donors, the surgery had to

be postponed. But if you can not get timely transplant, bone marrow transplant warehouse awaiting surgery, Wu Zhihui there will be life-


“Only two days left! Donor estoppel leukemia university student life emergency!”

On the evening of January 22, 10:00, Sina official microblogging @ CCTV News CCTV News said in a news release: “Wu Zhihui, leukemia bone

marrow transplant is supposed to college students do not know the surgery has been canceled due to donor estoppel bone marrow transplantation

in two steps, the wholesale destruction of their own immune system, transplant began not head back. already immune system is doomed Wu

Zhihui, for the body reject the transplant, two days after a dead end life and limb to save the first! donor Where are you? ”

@ People’s Daily, @ Xinhua Viewpoint also reported the news.

The urgency of the situation! Wu Zhihui suffered bone marrow donor regret donated to the news aroused loving friends, the media attention, we

are anxiously awaiting the latest progress  nike air max 1 shox for sale  of Wu Zhihui treatment. At the same time, the positive energy of love quickly passed on the

network, users even if possible, they are willing to donate bone marrow. As of last night, @ CCTV News microblogging has been forwarded to

80,000 people, reviews of more than 10,000.

Air Force General Hospital Department of Hematology Director Wang Hengxiang matching of unrelated bone marrow was too late now. Following

consultations, the hospital emergency Zhihui parents undergo a medical examination to determine whether they are suitable donors. By physical

examination, the hospital and their families decided to use Wu Zhihui mother Wu Qiongling haploidentical bone marrow and hematopoietic stem

cells, and decided to immediately carry out the transplant.

Yesterday morning, the Air Force General Hospital doctors extract 700 ml of bone marrow from the Wu Qiongling body, and the first time Enter

the Wu Zhihui body 14:00 prior to the completion of the first transplant, peripheral blood stem cell transplant will be carried out today.

Wang Hengxiang said dangerous period of two weeks, there will be rejection, infection and other problems, the hospital has been ready for

treatment programs, can basically be resolved; expected third week, Wu Zhihui hematopoietic stem cells of hematopoietic function basically

reached the clinical level (in neutrophil reach 500 or more), with initial resistance to infection. If all goes well, during the cheap nike air amx excellerate+2 Spring

Festival can be transferred to the general ward post-rehabilitation treatment will soon be eight months time and sick as healthy learning,

work and life.

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