Coal General Hospital of Henan Province

May climb over the fence to take the bus across the street, a small Ruirui knocked dead. School teacher talk, Ruirui this semester cheap air jordan 10 shoes  “good

student” and finished the test after the generals to the commendation, did not expect the child forever gone!

Questioned the lack of taxi driving too fast, and child safety education, many parents also believe that: every day, the day dawn, children

and parents have to starting school. This should be energetic, high spirits of children due to lack of sleep and malaise, and why the

children want to go to school so early?

After [the incident] crossed the fence, the girl knocked dead

“The Plains Avenue forest park entrance near the occurrence of a car accident, should taxi hit a person, you Check it out!” Yesterday morning

7:20 Xu, the public Wang called the hotline.

Reporters rushed to the scene after the incident site had been evacuated. From eyewitnesses Wang at the reporter learned that the site of the

incident of Zhongzhou Avenue and Chenxu, Road near the intersection of Road guardrail near. Knocked in the little girl was from the    air jordan xi cheap online West Road

climb over the fence of the middle of the road, located Plains Avenue East demi a fast lane. ”

After the incident, someone call 120 emergency personnel rushed to the scene for rescue. The time emergency personnel arrived, the injured

cardiac resuscitation, also lost on the liquid. Taken measures, but the little girl has not rescue came. “Witnesses Wang recalled.

From the five traffic police brigade, the reporter learned that the accident taxi driver Lee is under police investigation. Asked by the

police, the preliminary judgment that the little girl at the time in the fast lane after crossing the fence from the west side of the Central

Plains Avenue knocked dead.

[Going on] the day of the final exam, alone, take the bus to go to school out of accident

Coal General Hospital of Henan Province, the father and mother of the small Ruirui distraught, unable to accept the sudden bad news. The

child’s father said his daughter, 9-year-old elementary school student in the Chinese Garden. The day of small Ruirui ready to take the bus

to school from morning the Asahi road cheap air jordan 12 retro  near home.

“Today, the children said soon to be a holiday, want to go to school alone, they go to school along with a cousin of the same hospital did

not expect a sudden unexpected ……” a small Ruirui the mother cried.

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