Dealers as participants in the market economy

Dealers as participants in the market economy, in the face of numerous negative downward price sale, timely stop blameless. Environment cheap jordan after game ii mens Maotai price short term is likely to have been difficult to reproduce the first two years of high prices. Right now the Spring Festival approaching, dealers to cut prices of their own, natural help itself “shipping. If the the Maotai active none other, and the implementation of the national price action, is also expected to quickly “to the inventory.

To sum up, Maotai to heavy penalties dealers, not to save the Maotai price of prescription, will only continue to dampen confidence in the dealer’s, so that their interests are adversely affected. Want confrontation with the “administrative” means the laws of economics the Maotai wishful thinking, “insured” behavior, or the self-defeating, accelerate the defeat of the price system.
The end of dinner cocktail reception, the reciprocity of the season, whether the banquet or gifts, “wine” has always been favored people to share. Some unscrupulous businessmen by the increase in the drinks at the end of the occasion, wantonly manufacturing and selling counterfeit and inferior wine. Prior exposure of adulterated liquor cases, some of those who make recycled the genuine wine packaging and bottle, after a rough cleaning and then filling fake and low-quality or low-grade liquor, the simulation is often high, so many consumers are difficult to identify which deceived.

Some counterfeiters are often a few people but manufacturing and sales of counterfeit products a few thousand up to several hundred million yuan, involving the extent of people raspberry. jordan fly wade basketball shoes sale online

The adulterated liquor hazards more:

Counterfeit and inferior wine after human consumption because it contains many harmful substances likely to cause headaches, palpitations, nausea, vomiting, breathing difficulties and other adverse reactions, severe cases may be carcinogenic or immediately killed. Some adulterated liquor containing industrial methanol, a small amount of drinking will harm the central nervous system, thus making the vision loss and even blindness, drink a lot of it will toll in human life.

Consumers buy wine to keep in mind “three”:

An anti-“cottage” wines

Trademark famous “cottage”, as the name suggests is some mercenary wine merchants for profiteering walking a fine line, as the crown of the sale of liquor and the famous wine name or counterfeit brand-name liquor, pure posing wines. Currently the cottage most famous wine than Rafi, Wuliangye, Maotai. For example, the “Rafi Empire”, “Rafi family” Jin Lafei “is typical of the knockoff. Especially need to pay attention to the and commercial original bottle some wine, wine stopper, wine labels to “True bottles of adulterated liquor adulterated liquor manufactured very realistic, making it difficult to distinguish the end of the year to buy the drinks or choose formal channels. jordan sc-1 for sale

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