deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress

[Staff] refund immediately place votes again

The Shanghai station staff said, before yesterday, two days, three main railway station in Shanghai Day admissible refund quantity cheap jordan sc 1 shoes over 9300,

many popular direction.

It is reported that this year’s Spring Festival travel refund more train ticket pre-sale period for the first time be stretched to 20 days,

the longer the time, a corresponding increase in the likelihood of itinerary changes, thereby increasing the number of refund. Consider the

arrival of a refund or rebooking passengers than usual, the Shanghai Railway Station, Shanghai South Railway Station are increasing open of

refund, Gaiqian designed at. Among them, the Shanghai Railway Station the joint ticket hall on the second floor, yesterday all 12 windows of

the peak hours to process a refund. Shanghai South Railway Station North Square ticket office window of six-Ticket peak hours. The travelers

returned to the window of the ticket, we will immediately return to the network of railway tickets library sales, generally there will be no

delay, such as visitors to come back within three days of departure ticket and soon to be bought again. “a ticket, it is recommended that

passengers did not buy tickets, and more to the Internet or call the” Tao Tao “votes, you can select multiple dates, if it is found to have

more than 1-2 sheets votes up to start  jordan son of mars shoes sale buying. Yesterday, a netizen also delighted that, even buy a February 7 K188 hard seat ticket online

this afternoon.

Preliminary investigation by the Ministry of Public Security, Gong Aye Aye account the location of Shenmu County, Shaanxi Province, 2004-2008

Gong Aye Aye illegal in Shanxi Province in Linxian, Xingxian and Beijing Fangshan District, each handling an account (which Xingxian account

has been 2012 January canceled). The Ministry of Public Security said that the offenders will be punished according to law, and to welcome

the masses to play four black four pests wrongdoing by @ Ministry of Public Security. After the vote count and the Bureau of the Assembly, a

total of 150 people in Jiangsu glorious elected Twelfth National People’s Congress, including six people in our city, they are: Mayor Zhu Min

Yang, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress, Wang Min, Municipal CPPCC , vice chairman of the Kuomintang Revolutionary Committee

of Yangzhou City chairman, Wang Jingcheng, dean of Subei People’s Hospital, Jiangsu Petroleum Exploration Bureau, Zhu Ping, general manager

of Sinopec Jiangsu Oilfield Company, Jiangsu Wanshun Electrical Group chairman, Party branch secretary weeks Shanhong, Yangzhou jade the the

factory chief technologist high Yi Jin. Among    air jordan shoes for sale retro them, Wang Jingcheng, Zhu Ping, Gao Yi Jin is on the session of the National People’s Congress,

this time to continue in office.

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