long recovery cycle the late high cost of treatment

I saw him wandering around a while, suddenly pushed to an enclosure filled with the fruit stand before the people, pretending to nike air amx ltd uk sale   want to

buy things like fast from a positive focus on women’s pants pocket picked oranges steal a purse, the women no i feel that the man he was

secretly delighted. He did not think, the plainclothes patrol laishan police station has to pay attention to him for a long time, just as he

was preparing to leave, the police caught red-handed.

Man folks, the Muping people this year aged 55, confessed to the theft. Yang due to theft has repeatedly caught wife because he was

incorrigible long been divorced him, he is now alone, usually by doing odd jobs for a living, but his hard labor not want to do, live without

technology, coupled with the lazy always not do long to be dismissed. Later, Yang simply begging for a living, can only barely make ends

meet, seeing but also the Chinese New Year, Yang thinking should improve the quality of life, “return to prostitution,” I did not expect

first hand was caught .

Learned that to be detained, Yang audacity to claim: This is the next to have food and drink, as well as a place to live, no longer need

to run around for the New Year worked hard! As everyone knows, it is this idea to harm himself.
In the course of treatment, Wu Zhihui cheap nike air max 2013 trainers  enthusiastic individuals, the media and “think of the bone marrow Fund bailout.

In November last year, Wu Sheng as specialized rescue leukemia college students learned the “the Siyuan · bone marrow Fund” through the

media, he called to “think and bone marrow Fund Advisory relief matters. In early December, Siyuan and bone marrow Fund, audit-related

materials, including Dongnanzaobao reported on Wu Zhihui decide the joint community love business, people and Dongnanzaobao media to raise

the cost of treatment for the Wu Zhihui, funded hematopoietic stem cell transplantation costs and part of the rehabilitation costs.

It is understood that the Wu Zhihui haploidentical bone marrow and stem cell transplantation, compared with full consistency “, there is

rejection, long recovery cycle the late high cost of treatment, including the recovery cycle per cent more 3 months or so, the cost to more

than 10 million yuan, is expected to post-rehabilitation costs 15 million to 20 million. , Dongnanzaobao joint “Siyuan · bone marrow Fund

called on the community to loving, their donations rehabilitation costs, to help Wu Zhihui out of the ward, back to school as soon as

possible; hope that an objective view nike air max 2012 running shoes sale of the bone marrow donor, concern and participation in leukemia relief work, Pass the positive energy

of love.

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