Public information display currently Taohuajiang

Public information display currently Taohuajiang nuclear power projects has invested 38 billion yuan. “Most of the investment in the project is a bank loan nike air relentless cheap , the interest is high, plus the cost of equipment occupied, the annual site maintenance costs to a billion dollars.” In nuclear Taohuajiang nuclear power company, a person said.

Now, nuclear has been Hunan TAOHUAJIANG nuclear equipment and most of the staff moved to its coastal site in Liaoning Xu Greater Fort, the China Guangdong Nuclear Xianning equipment plans to move to Guangdong Lufeng.

For nuclear power projects in the Mainland, and now we do not do anything, only to continue the national policy. “China Guangdong Nuclear Power, a source told reporters,” A lot of large-scale infrastructure equipment move, only to spend money to maintain the financial pressure is very large indeed. ‘
Experienced Ultra-day sun the Chairman “Paolu door” (002506.SZ) debt with shares still in suspension, but the 11 Japanese debt has been downgraded.

January 8 and 9, 2011, Ultra-day sun bursts 6 announcement involves two major events. First, the company’s main long-term credit rating and credit rating of “11 Japanese debt” both lowered from AA to AA-, the other
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CITIC Bank 4.24 +0.010.24% super day the sun 5.11 +0.000.00% to Guohai 12.42-0.23-1.82% is Ultra-day sun IPO of 11 super day debt “Sponsor CSC fiduciary management responsibilities and drew a bondholders’ meeting of the authority given, the date was set on the 23rd of this month. cheap nike dual fusion st 2

In March of this year, “11 Japanese debt” will usher in the first interest payment date. Its raise the scale of 10 million and a rough estimate of the bond interest rate, will be required to pay interest of 89.8 million yuan.

Ultra-day sun for abnormal capital chain tension is undoubtedly worse.

Reporter learned that after Shigekura majority of Japanese debt agency has fled, still during the mostly private and retail investors, expect the government to reveal all the details.
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Downgrade letter Phi delay 12 days

A Peng Yuan Credit insiders told reporters: “In the December 20 Chaori debt cease trading, after the the its chairman Nikai Lu was rumored donations Paolu rumors, we have been timely follow-up. Exceed the day the sun the main long-term The credit downgrade on December 27. “

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