Advantages of A natural Hair straightener

Using a harsh chemical hair straightener can cause breakage, thinning, scalp damage, and hair loss. Sodium hydroxide, or lye, is traditionally used as a hair straightener or relaxer, but it is a harsh substance that changes the chemicalGhd Hair Stylers makeup of hair. Even the food and Drug Administration (FDA) acknowledges that lye can burn the skin, and they get many complaints about irritations from chemical hair relaxers.

Using a natural hair straightener can relax hair without harsh chemicals or harm to hair. It is a safer method for straightening curly, kinky, or wavy hair; and it is very effective and environmentally friendly. Natural hair relaxers’ active ingredient penetrates the hair to permanently soften without destroying it. A natural hair straightener softens, conditions, and leaves hair silky, healthy, and easy to style. Hair is much less likely to be damaged, and can tolerate blow drying and other heat appliances while improving hair softness and texture. There are no irritating chemicals, and it will not burn the scalp or over process hair. Natural hair straighteners will also allow hair to grow longer since it avoids the breakage that chemical relaxers cause.
There are companies produce natural hair straightening products like BodipHier, which is alkaline water based and fortified with vitamins,Hair straightener Range minerals, and amino acids. It naturally softens the curl of the hair to make it more manageable. Many companies also have BodipHier products in addition to the relaxer including shampoo, conditioner, blow dry cream, and brilliant sheen moisturizer. The products are suitable and effective on multi-ethnic and color treated hair.

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