a woman will marry a rich man

Geomantic superstition, according to the Chinese zodiac MingXiang relationship to recruit candidates, combined with the animal sign to nike huarance free 2012 for sale g talent choices, this is a kind of “don’t ask people ask ghosts and gods” reverse intellectual behavior.

In fact, say, enterprise recruitment is dare to play the Chinese zodiac sign, pattern, root lies in the employment pattern in the buyer’s market, talent supply exceeds demand. Even if the best talent wasn’t in the squad, and company boss also can be in a lot of optional talents calmly selected to satisfy his taste, but did not make enterprise development is obvious influence. In addition, because of the constellation, the animal sign can’t meet the requirements and also ran, often difficult to hold enterprise, in violation of relevant laws and regulations, they also had to “dummy eat rhizoma coptidis”.

The company recruitment, staff consider with the corporate culture and matching degree, should say this is necessary. Such as values, personality, etc, these for whether a person can be a very good into groups, develop ability is also important. But this should study individual character, experience, etc., rather than rely on not resort to the scientific mutually, constellation, and more  difficult astrology, feng shui, etc. “Chinese zodiac recruitment” seemingly is enterprise’s “private”, is the enterprise boss “choose”, actually, unit of choose and employ persons if for cheap nike lunareclipse running   special requirements such as mutually and refused to other mutually, the applicant for it is not fair, this is also a kind of employment discrimination, but there is no one like to some virus that have it.

The “Chinese zodiac recruitment” if occur in large enterprises, especially state-owned enterprises, more should be criticized. Because if the recruitment also let the wind of feng shui, fortune-telling admixture come, it will bring greater inequality, and even affect social life.

To prevent the spread of this phenomenon, but also need to system level detailed regulations and labor censorial branch is positive action.

“No money not hit the woman, a woman will marry a rich man!” Silvio berlusconi tell the world how many men view, only a woman’s heart, he and I life in the practice of the “golden rule”, is the practice of “genuine knowledge”. For now, the 76 – year – old shell announced and 27 years old girlfriend cheap nike lunareclipse 2 womens engagement, this is not fake news, Mr. Chairman is serious, he said: “sono fidanzato, ormai e ufficiale. (of course, I engaged, formal)”

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