feeder flights will contribute 500 million people

Silvio berlusconi is such a such a bitch politicians.

But, why old bei repeatedly elected prime minister of Italy? Because, old bei control with Italy a huge media empire, his appearance  cheap nike free 3.0 v4 mens completely broke the Italian state television (RAI) monopoly. He’s media basic is half of the propaganda department. His mouth spit lotus, cheating the public trust. The key is, he still has a “fun” face. Or for, he reads the silvio berlusconi said that “today’s democratic politics, is one of the crises of the political mood. People hate to lose interest in serious political issues, see serious political face felt boring.” So, silvio berlusconi with a kind of antihero face, shameless, deconstruction, hypocrisy through to the end. Let you scold, also self ridicule, “our nation more than ninety percent of the media to communist party control, so they always against me”; As you play, people really played everywhere find tooth blood flow, also faces in said, “I’m fine, I’m fine”.

In the present this planet, has not yet found silvio berlusconi second. Mr Qaddafi’s? Kim jong il? They are all dead, nor the entertainment. Obama? Mr Putin? They are still alive, but very serious. Mr Sarkozy might be a little close, but not all.

Silvio berlusconi announced their engagement in the same time, he also announced, “the party should be urged,” he will be in the fourth prime minister campaign. He said: “Italy is more than a year ago, I left a lot of bad, is   nike free 4.0 v2 mens shoes cheap running out of the sense of responsibility and love for his motherland.

He want to send force, like every time he hair force, AC milan (micro bo data) will take heart, it is his political points. But, no  matter whether the AC milan transhipment, we all want to have a look at this such a bitch and fun Italian people, how to do and play “entertainment politics”. If the end of the world comes, silvio berlusconi is finally a “super boy”.

Report from our correspondent is headquartered in Geneva international air transport association released the report says, 2012 ~ 2016, the global aviation passenger every year will achieve 5.3% increasing, it is estimated that by 2016 will reach to 3.6 billion people.

International air association issued by the 2012 ~ 2016 years the global airline industry forecast report pointed out that in 2016 the global aviation passenger capacity compared with 2011 will be increased by 800 million  nike free 5.0 v4 womens sneakers sale people, including countries domestic feeder flights will contribute 500 million people, with the growth of international airline is increase over 2011 300 million passengers. Air freight also will present growth, it is estimated that by 2016 the global air freight amount will reach 34.5 million tons, 29.6 million tons last year.

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