According to the provincial meteorological observatory forecast

The project 2011 to 2012 total output value 4.85 billion yuan, tax turnover, RMB 510 million yuan. The type and capacity of the ultra supercritical boiler developed successfully and successful operation, alleviated the state   nike air max 2011 womens trainers sale online power of the tension, for the development of our national economy provides a powerful support and impetus, further promoted the high-end equipment manufacturing achievements of development.

Last week a week before an a rose 13.8%

Snow day, green vegetables four yuan a kilo

Henan dispatch (reporter WangYanYan) according to province business hall monitoring, in our province last week with an important life necessities price is given priority to. The vegetables wholesale average price is 3.06 yuan/kg, a week before a rose 13.8%.

Last week the key monitoring sixty kinds of commodities, and kind of prices, accounted for 71.7%. Among them, or more than 30% of the four kinds of, or in 10% ~ 30% of the seven species, there are 32 species or  nike air max 2010 uk trainers online less than 10%.

Last week, in the first snow in winter, but citizens enjoy the excitement of snow strength was soon soaring an “douse the”.

Citizens Mr Zhao says, snow, was going to eat hot pot at home warm, but markets a look, green vegetables up to 4 yuan/jins, even  at ordinary times cheaper Chinese cabbage, radish also up to 1 yuan/jins, rose 3 ~ 5 hair.

According to the provincial department of commerce for monitoring, last week and a vegetable varieties, there are 16 species of rising prices. The Chinese cabbage or as high as 71.7%, lettuce, rape, bai luobo, rose by more than 30%. Other such as green pepper, tomato vegetable or are between 10% ~ 30%. Only garlic and ginger prices were slightly lower.

According to the provincial meteorological observatory forecast, the strong cold air influence, this week will be in our province to meet snow, is expected to vegetable prices will rise.

Yesterday, the first warm clothes 2014 a new children’s cotton-padded clothes, from WuXing area ZhiLiZhen loading, sent    nike air max 2009 uk sale  to the guizhou province. Today, there are 2000 pieces of warm clothes will be sent to guiyang. These clothes will be donated to the local living conditions of hard left-behind children. Winter coat warm the heart, as “the children of the” ZhiLiZhen is actively transfer the positive energy.

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