and has been approved for further cooperation partner

According to the news of the municipal party committee propaganda department in guanghan, the base is completed, it will become the largest executive base. But for the domestic and foreign large-scale enterprise, business   nike air max ltd mens trainers people buy business aircraft parking, custody and flight services for enterprises and individuals to provide business charter services for aviation enthusiasts for flight driving training for past business aircraft provide a service station. At the same time, can provide emergency rescue, emergency rescue and disaster relief, aviation shooting, air travel, precipitation enhancement operation, etc.

According to introducing, DengBin have private investors to buy 62 aircraft, become the domestic investment to buy the plane the greatest number of people. Why do you choose to sichuan guanghan, DengBin think attracts him or guanghan investment environment and aviation industry development prospects.

For the business charter price, DengBin introduction, to fly to sanya guanghan column, one machine sanya return 60000 yuan, ten men to   nike air max 2012 mens trainers sale charter price for 150000 yuan. According to introducing, as long as the international and domestic routes open place, as long as to aviation management department after the application is approved, can achieve charter service.
“1000 mw ultra supercritical units boiler” is important in sichuan province, to support the transformation of scientific and technological achievements special – high-end equipment manufacturing is one of the special project. Eastern boiler of eastern electric group co., LTD., and the other domestic boiler factory different furnace type and water wall type, independent completed the project development and implementation.

The project through the high-end equipment manufacturing achievements special support, has entered the stage of industrialization. In  suizhong guohua expansion project, the boiler in the 168 hours full load test run, the unit of each system and equipment smooth operation, power generation power always maintain 1000 mw above, automatic TouRuLv, protection TouRuLv, instrument TouRuLv reached 100%, the technical performance indicators meet the requirements, and has been approved for further cooperation partner, to lay the foundation. At present, the eastern  nike air max 2012 womens uk for sale boiler of eastern electric group co., LTD., independent research and development of 1000 mw ultra supercritical boiler were 34 machines, there are eight table has been put into operation.

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