The base covers an area of 150 mu

According to Taiwan “the Associated Press reported, the 121 – year – old yesterday, hu shi MingDan in hu shi fifty anniversary of the death, Taiwan” university institute of modern history hu shi memorial hall “special held by  cheap nike air max tn uk   PanGuangZhe curatorial” hu shi and Chiang kai-shek: way different and match “exhibition. By many made public documents, manuscript, diaries and letters and first-hand data present two people in interaction, Tours of the complicated relationship.

Chiang kai-shek in hu shi swearing-in ceremony praise hu shi character, and to encourage “university” should “shoulder the revival of national culture difficult task.”

Hu shi then onstage response is directed at twice Chiang kai-shek “is wrong”, emphasize “university” should be “for the academic and academic”. LeiXiangLin said, Chiang kai-shek for this extremely angry, in the blog wrote, this is his “life encountered the second largest unreasonableness”, hu shi “is really a madman”. He even angry to sleep.

Interestingly, the day after the ceremony two photos, Chiang kai-shek, sit in the other hu shi become warped, free and easy at ease.

LeiXiangLin said, hu shi the speech have been nike air max 24-7 trainers for sale online  recording record again by hu shi autograph modification. He had spoken to say: “Chiang kai-shek to individual opinion” errors “, “in back to literary retouch” unavoidable mistakes “. Come also said: “Chiang kai-shek praise my words is wrong”. Relevant documents in the “hu shi and Chiang kai-shek” exhibition present, will be the end of the show to hu shi memorial.

Yesterday morning, GuangHanShi in deyang guanghan  airport north of the formation of the vast land, sichuan star yao general aviation company operating base foundation, initial investment for 500 million, 2013 “chengdu wealth BBS” built before, was completed, it will become the nation’s largest executive base.

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“You see, these aircraft are mostly me to fly court as a trainer.” Investment businessman DengBin said.

The base covers an area of 150 mu, can park fifty planes, in addition to the apron, stop library, terminal, but also design the

nike air max 2011 womens uk sale online   leisure center, office buildings, and even tennis court, badminton court, etc. According to DengBin introduction, operation base a period with a total investment of 500 million yuan, including hangar building area of 12000 ㎡.

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