Pictures from Taiwan the insects”

In this study, engineers use new technology can detect the frequency interference and counterspell means, from New York university of rochester team demonstrates how to through the photon quantum attributes to obtain advanced anti-stealth technology. To this, scientists at the Massachusetts institute

cheap nike air max 90 hyperfuse uk of technology’s comment that the new detection technology rely on a measure of photon behavior will destroy its quantum properties, which can damage the original photon quantum features to simulate the false photon attributes, in order to achieve the purpose of cheating.

If a plane radar stealth aircraft trying to intercept these photons and retransmit false signals, radar echo is only a bird area can hide their real position, but quantum radar in this cheating process also found enemy any signs of the plane. This new invention in the technology project also have similar use, such as can be used in a similar way to quantum key encryption, by changing the key quantum properties to achieve purpose. From the rochester institute of optics scientists MeiHuEr · Malik (Mehul Malik) using this technology to remote stealth bomber on reflection
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The researchers plan to the technology used to identify the stealth combat aircraft, when capture the enemy air defense radar signal, the signal of the quantum characteristic to carry on the revision, and automatic forming a bird signal transmission to the enemy radar, this seems to achieve the traditional stealth purpose, but new quantum radar is very easy to debunk this trick. The MIT researchers  think that this is the first time to use quantum mechanics developed imaging system, the results are impressive, and can not get any radar interference measures of influence. However, quantum detection technology of equipment needed for the global range of laboratory developed, but still no equipment to the army.

Hu shi (left) and Chiang kai-shek (right) exhibition display two photos, a become warped the other, a serious. Pictures from Taiwan the insects”

April 10, 1958, hu shi “university” as

cheap nike air max 1 uk  President. Chiang kai-shek in his swearing-in ceremony speech, hu shi for “‘ sinica” mission “in public and Chiang, directed at Chiang kai-shek” is wrong “. The wonderful speech hu shi yesterday manuscript first public exposure.

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