accountability.The property market in the “winter” ahead,

 have to suffer, but the place to start winter trial regulation of the bottom line. Wuhu, Shanghai, Shijiazhuang, Nanjing, in dozens of cities have been put forward in the first half of the year for conditions relax the purchase, installment payment of land premium, provident fund loans to fine-tune p   nike air max ltd sale olicy. However, the majority of fine-tuning in the introduction of a few days they died at birth.August 14 this year, Zhou Jin, Shapingba District Public Security Bureau Microelectronics Park law and order police station with colleagues Wang Yu, a split between an order to Competing together killed by ruthless criminals Zhou Kehua. Wang Yu and Zhou Jin the CCTV screen out the day after someone laugh, “two buddies ho cheap nike air max tn shoes w looked like Dong and Xue.”Dong and Xue the Water Margin inside escorted tolerance This is one in line the Wang Yu and Zhou chloranthoides, then identity: the two are no job right to get up early the dark to patrol Street troubleshooting old police station. They are also not significant mountain dew from work to pick up their kids occasionally endure wife scolded the “Cock silk is leadership training police.After the fatal blow, Zhou Jin and Wang Yu’s life be changed, have stepped into leadership positions. Does not seem to be much change the mentality of the two media interview or not enthusiastic, they have become accustomed to the “hidden” among the majority of the police force, overhangs, but uneasy.FileZhou Jin, Chongqing Banan man, in 1987 to   nike air max classic bw for sale work in law and order in the Shapingba District branch of microelectronics Park police station, when he was killed Zhou Kehua. Spare time he likes to do yoga. Speaking of yoga, he will have to clarify, “Do not think only women wanderers only do, in fact, many of the senior coaches are male wanderers.Wang Chongqing Shapingba District, Chongqing. Current microelectronics Park law and order, deputy director of the police station.Wang Yu likes to cook cook, which is both a hobby and also a kind of compensation for the families.Ruthless criminals with two homely “idlers” meet theTo understand the bravery of two police officers need to understand Zhou Kehua tough, the To understand Zhou Kehua tough less than Chongqing field were born, it is difficult to have a personal experience. Zhou Kehua bold but cautious, the most typical example is a large financial city after committing the crime to movies.On the morning of August 10, Zhou Kehua shot and killed

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