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 expert Dai Xu, “Global Times” reporter said on the 24th, and the Western proverb: when negotiating the other pulled out the gun, I have to take the gun to pull out. It stresses that the diplomatic principle of reciprocity. Japan dispatched fighter, the People’s Liberation Army on the Su-30 “Flying Leopard” should be deployed to patrol, then Japan can use what fighters to intercept  Japan on the Diaoyu Islands issue is always non-upgrades, it dispatched a military aircraft to intercept Chinese maritime surveillance aircraft, and has been a qualitative change in the nature of the upgrade, China should take the initiative to show themselves to seek the will to fight back by the peer-to-peer, our tough, and Japan will naturally soft down . ▲(Editor: Shuang)December 24, Ren Zhiqiang, chairman of Huayuan Real Estate, said   cheap nike air max 95 : “I do business harmoniously, and the people I do business, no one to say no and gas wealth, the people are happy to buy my house, because they have made a fortune online people talk I do not buy my house, people are not doing business. “We think from a relatively long period of time to see the real estate problem, from the past, we have always thought that the Chinese real estate market-oriented, did not meet more than 70% of the time, is still a sunrise process. Also, how they change us regardle   nike air max 90 hyperfuse for sale ss of the policy, the market has decided In this way, you anyway can not change this fact.Of market regulation hard game Ren Zhiqiang bullish prices start from scratch stubborn to tailIn 2012, the most intense tug of war in the Chinese property market regulation since. Position that opened just after New Year’s Day, the central “unswervingly adhere to the real estate control policies, promote the prices reasonable return” the main theme of the new year of market regulation. However, tempted again and fine-tuning of the local government, the warm air from time to time, blowing in the property market. “Red May” reproduction, July and August reach year peak turnover Alice tail end of the year, the waves of the property market pick-control propaganda intertwined staged.This game not only in the local and central, between the buyer and the seller. Time and time again for the gambling house prices, “big mouth” said Ren Zhiqiang always stubborn claim that house prices will rise sharply, and predicted that housing prices skyrocketing in March 2013. Pan Shiyi, represented by the school of this year, refused to talk a    cheap nike air max 87 bout prices. Extreme silence contrast, the final first home buyers, chairman Liu Xiaoguang thrown the real estate market this year is the winter spring, “a summary of amplified pertinent.Place to continue to see-saw throughout the year to test the bottom line regulationContinuation of the 2011 regulation attitude, unswervingly adhere to real estate control policies, promote the prices reasonable return “set the tone for the 2012 property market regulation children. Statistics show that this year, the central emphasis on regulation unwaveringly 60; 4 times referred to “never let prices rebound; prices reasonable return is mentioned 156 times; 2 times mentioned

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