if the other party does not change course,

if the other party does around the other aircraft flying lap, and then repeat the above action . If the other party is not    cheap nike air max 2010 walking, but also by squeezing, expelled each other to change the route, specific way to intercept the aircraft from the inside out to make a squeeze action, but between the two machines is generally maintained a far distance.General this case, the reconnaissance party got the message to leave. But both fighters dangerously close to or even collision case. September 13, 1987, the Barents Sea was empty Soviet reconnaissance missions along the Norwegian Air Force 333 squadron P-3B anti-submarine patrol aircraft and Su-27 fighters to intercept. Su-27 in the case of repeate   mens nike air max 2009 sale d warnings, away from the the Soviet coastline, 48 nautical miles from the right wing of the P-3B below the high-speed passing cut open a large hole in the vertical tail right outside of the engine in the P-3B P-3B flight height within one minute out over 3000 meters, was lucky enough to level off at the last minute before the crash into the sea, and the Soviet fighters soon return because of the vertical tail damage.China will send the fighters the peer hit back at it A Chinese military expert on the 24th to the “Global Times” said that the airspace near the Diaoyu Islands, both maritime surveillance aircraft or military aircraft to patrol in the perspective of international law or in previous military practice perspective, are understandable. Chinese maritime surveillance aircraft reflects the relative restraint, choose a longer endurance small propeller plane is also conducive to a long time to be left blank. In addition, due to the low speed, but will give the Ja   nike air max 95 360 shoes panese side disposal difficult. In fact, even the Chinese army sent warplanes cruise Diaoyu Islands, it may not be the best choice for because usually fighters shorter life. Patrol aircraft during the long voyage can be a long patrol, used to break Japan on the Diaoyu Islands, the so-called “actual control” is more appropriate.Chinese military experts Yanan think, from the current situation, the Chinese do not need to send fighter contest because between China and Japan on the Diaoyu Islands issue, mainly declaration of ownership, so keep ocean surveillance ship’s normal cruising sea and air Y-12 to fly back and forth, this is a huge contain Japan. Japan in such a war of attrition is unable to not change course,

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