military aircraft, because the government

 official plane to the waters near the Diaoyu Islands cruise on to fight a war of attrition with Japan. Chinese military expe cheap nike air max shoes rt Dai Xu, China should show the will of the peer-to-peer retaliate.Japan to engage in a war of attritionJapan’s NHK television reported that the 24th and again on the 24th, the Chinese government aircraft approaching the airspace near the Diaoyu Islands. According to information released by the Japanese Defense Ministry, the morning of the 24th, the Japanese Self-Defense Force radar found close to a propeller aircraft from the north side of Diaoyu Islands. So the Japan Air Self-Defense Force F-15 fighters sc  nike air max 2012 sale rambled from Okinawa Naha base, trying to intercept. Reported that aircraft Oceanic Administration of China belongs to the Y-12, flew from the Diaoyu Islands 120 km, and fly over the Diaoyu Islands and the giant slalom. Reported that, on the 13th of this month, a same model first propeller aircraft violated Japanese airspace.The Sankei Shimbun reported that the Sea of ??Japan to ensure long-term tendency to come to the Diaoyu Islands, decided to enhance the seas patrol force, set up specifically to deal with the Chinese vessels Senkaku forces in view of the China Marine Surveillance vessels. Coast Guard officials said the long-term of view of the Chinese government vessels to the Diaoyu Islands, there is no specific corresponding deployment is not enough. In addition, enhanced facilities, at least to ensure that Japan has the capacity corresponding to one-on-one with a Chinese vessel.International fighters intercept occurs mostly in  nike air max 2011 sale military aircraft betweenDuring the Cold War, dispatched fighters to intercept many cases, very confrontational, and generally close to the other aircraft carrier fighter party reconnaissance, fighter planes dispatched to intercept the reconnaissance party. After the Cold War, dispatched fighters to intercept the way is still very common, but generally one fighter reconnaissance aircraft dispatched to intercept the other. Intercept aircraft generally maintain a certain height difference the rear side of the target, generally two machines to maintain a distance of 300-500 meters, continuous tracking. The more intense, the the intercept aircraft flew stopped ahead of the aircraft make a cross-action continuously. If you want the other steering shake the wing in front of it, and then make a steering action, motioning turned to each other to follow their own,

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