Because of this reason

In the global Internet users has reached 2.5 billion today, the Internet by law unprecedented attention. In recent years, with the popularization of the Internet, more and more Internet users around the world by the Internet intellectual  nike air max 90 mens for sale property theft, child pornography, drug trafficking, money laundering crime threat even violations. In the field of the Internet to strengthen global cooperation, law, the Internet has become a global most countries and the common voice of Internet users.

As is known to all, thanks to the Internet in the development of early defect, the Internet is a kind of information communication technology, itself did not have the ability of self management. As the Internet and the home of the United States, their own interests consideration, on the Internet is not the legalization process earnest, makes today the Internet crime, forested, and the law of the jungle in the situation.

Based on the information high technology as the driver of the Internet, natural to have the high technology ride roughshod over low technology may. Who master the cutting-edge technology, who have control of information   nike air max classic bw mens for sale dissemination, who have the information on the Internet power. The network crime molecular keen to hold such information power, wanton harm ordinary Internet users. In the network crime molecular information before power, ordinary Internet users only “chicken” and “fishing” object. At any time may be the network crime victims of molecules. Encountered this kind of infringement, the vast majority of the world Internet users helpless, can only allow network criminals  at large. Of course, with information of the power of developed countries, it is not susceptible to such violations – perhaps, this is they chanted the Internet “autonomy” true reason.

In such cases, on the Internet, will do it in accordance with the law of management in the development of the Internet process, but will only encourage to spread in the Internet of the law of the jungle. Because of this reason, the voice of the law will be international telecommunication union of the doha meeting sounded. The international telecommunication union before the doha meeting, has been the global Internet users had high expectations. And some developed   nike air max 1 mens trainers for sale countries had apparent global Internet users call to disregard, adhere to obstruct the Internet legalization process, it is inverse the world trend and do it.

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