The future will be and the domestic mobile operators

In the face of the Internet on the present situation of the law of the jungle, if still Shouting “autonomy”, that is abundant understand dissimulation, in order to their own self-interest, and acquire the rights and interests of the   nike air max tn uk trainers for sale majority of Internet users around the world to ignore the selfish behavior.

On December 14, MaHuaTeng held in guangzhou of guangdong Internet meeting revealed that micro letter users will hit 300 million in January. Talk about the cooperation with operators, MaHuaTeng is that tencent operators and relationship is up and down the industrial chain bearing relationship, not outside said the relationship between the opposition and parallel. Tencent and operators always maintain close communication, ready to try innovative cooperation in guangdong.

Micro letter platform security will continue

2012 micro letter has become the leading role of the hot debate. As a kind of new social tools, micro letter is not only changing people’s way to communicate, and bear witness to the Chinese society’s huge changes, the     cheap nike air max 24-7 uk trainers  thorough all aspects of the social life.

MaHuaTeng said in micro letter development and operations, tencent is also in constant trial and error and learning. Micro letter will continue to ascend micro letter safety, and constantly optimize and upgrade of the platform. To protect the user privacy, prevent harassment, user property and safety tips to make friends, will further improve. MaHuaTeng and points out that the mobile Internet security than traditional Internet more concern. The future will consider and operators, mobile phone manufacturers, application stores, and many developers to build safe mobile platform, and put these security platform and safety module to open industrial chain.

Operators and innovation cooperation  mutually beneficial win-win situation

For some time ago to online about tencent and operators that relationship, MaHuaTeng think this is all not understand the future format change some reports.

MaHuaTeng said, “Internet developers and operators is a relationship of mutual benefit, and not oppose or coordinate, and the relationship between the industrial chain is loaded. This relationship is like highway and the cars, or commercial real estate and the inside of the shop, if the shop business, the more the better passenger flow, then the value of commercial real estate, rent and property as appreciation, so this is the direction of the win-win cooperation. The future will be and the domestic mobile operators more in-depth communication cooperation, try more   cheap nike air max 2011 womens running innovation. With low cost one thousand yuan of the following smartphone development, next year China intelligent mobile phone users may reach 500 million department, mobile development present a broader space. MaHuaTeng said, the future is important is “embrace mobile Internet, open a win-win situation”.

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