plate yesterday 4 picture appear

The day before yesterday morning, a citizen to the reporter, the lake reflected ChengDongHu home two area 70 into building exterior wall ceramic tile happen fall off, fall down the ceramic tile of a broken.

Reporters then came to the east lake home nike free run shoes  into 70 buildings near the found a unit of the outer walls of the south east side have a piece of a square metre cement Lou in the outside, red outer wall tile all dropped. In addition, the central building into a house near the balcony, also have half a meter long a few lines of exterior wall ceramic tile fall off.

Village resident shen told reporters that the building exterior wall ceramic tile have been off to 10 days, may be nobody speak with property, has been no one to repair. “This time the rain, the wall so empty has not been repaired, the water is very easy to seepage into the wall to. And it is very dangerous, less this one support, total feel the ceramic tile also went down, every time after here are panic xi xi.” said Mr. Shen concerns.

According to one does not wish to disclose the name of the residents reflect, the plot had happened this kind of situation. “Such as the building, that a region of the outer wall tile color edge than many deep, obviously is patched up.” He pointed at the distance village gate dozens of meters into a wall in told nike free run shoes  reporters.

Check the related information later, the reporter found the residential property. At two o ‘clock in the afternoon, property and developers to the site to check the situation. “Exterior wall ceramic tile off very may be due to water seepage or the weather causes, such as heat bilges cold shrink is easy to make up the ceramic tile. Developers of the engineering department Mr. Sun told reporters.

The reporter understands, the developers have to clean up and trimming. Mr Sun says, exterior wall tile off not only worried residents, they also worry for ceramic tile off may cause problems such as the water  penetration, so will repair as soon as possible. “Trimming to consider the weather, if the weather rain, temperature is too low, that go against construction. If the weather is good, 3 to 4 days metope can repair.”

Nanjing “two” plate yesterday 4 picture appear, the highest premium of 50%

Yangzi evening news net news nike free run 2   (reporter zhang remote) investment, long poems to, gemale, never run of jiangning and jiangbei three big room enterprises were present at the nanjing yesterday’s land auction, they shouted at “two” plate 3 picture quality block, but are “near”.

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