premium to win the final victory

esterday’s land transfer meeting, jiangning science and jiangbei nanjing industry university pukou campus on the east side of the mouth 4 of low density ZhuZhaiDe grab an eye most. In the first picture of  cheap nike free run 3  jiangning district science kejian road north of G57 block of the auction, covered with “silver dragon real estate development company” ma3 jia3 silver city real estate with 110 million yuan price, a 30% premium to win the final victory. And this picture block area of only 18100 square meters.

Jiangning science after prescient avenue edom G58 block area much to 105000 square meters, the volume rate reached 1.7, attracted to the gemale, long poem brand such as the big alligator and shoot. But the whole auction link, the two up just for a brand, and finally China wuyi industrial co., LTD with 575 million yuan price, only the more upset than out of the 9 million yuan. After that, pu mouth two of the nanjing university of technology,, the east side of the block grant more dramatic. Two picture area were about 59500 square meters and 79200 square meters, the nike free 3.0 v2    volume rate were 1.1 and 1.5, respectively QiPaiJia floor for 3055 yuan/square meters and 2525.6 yuan/square metre. Due to the geographical location and the condition is superior, the two picture to attract including gemale, new town, investment promotion, silver city, dahua and tecocity six development enterprise registration bidding. Block competition process is fierce, such as gold base and new big alligator repeatedly for brand, the price should be at one time will improve the bidding of 1 million yuan, but in the end the big alligator or the last defeated. Two of the block are jiangsu tecocity investment co., LTD. Scored, the number block from 200 million yuan QiPaiJia rose to 300 million  yuan, a 50% premium, floor price rose to 4582.5 yuan/square metre; And the number block from 300 million yuan QiPaiJia rose to 390 million yuan.

“Cartoon gerben and winning the prize, but that the elder brother will come back?” Yesterday, is the base of kunming such nike free 3.0 v4 winter training ing the players know this for a good news, however, the good news is mixed with. Because as a player they deeply know, fame and social status of the club is consistent position of strength, cartoon gerben more fire, stay in the new season medium armor league play ing the possibility of more small.

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