the British broadcasting corporation in order to reverse the adverse situation

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Selected as an African elder brother”

Beijing time 12 months and days, the British broadcasting corporation (BBC) awarded 2012 African player, playing for henan ing nike free 4.0 v2 sale cartoon gerben elected. In the selection, cartoon gerben beat “warcraft” drogba, Manchester city midfielder and the ? kolo toure, Newcastle striker’s ? babar, montpellier players HanDa bell to win the award, he is also the first winning players in southern Africa.

Cartoon gerben in an interview said. “to me, this is a wonderful moment, I thank those who throw my ticket. This is in my career, will never forget things.”

This selection is authoritative, in the past ten years, Africa’s best player was almost all list, including didier drogba, adebayor, AoKeZha, etc. It is understood that the BBC annual African best player by African countries football expert based on individual players technology, teamwork, sustainable and fair competition, and puts forward the comprehensive consideration, the candidate list by the BBC radio audiences through text messages and web site to a vote. Cartoon nike free 5.0 v4 shoes gerben record more than 40% of the votes to win the award.

Cartoon gerben elected African player and henan ing this club has nothing to do, the main benefit from his earlier this year in the Africa cup of magic performance. Five people at the list, although drogba won the champions league, and the ? kolo toure harvest the premiership champions, bell HanDa won  the French champions, and cartoon gerben in henan super club ing drop, but even in February of African cup, cartoon gerben as captain, Zambia playoffs, the final penalty shootout defeat didier drogba ivory coast, leading his country to win the first African cup, he also elected African cup MVP. It is the MVP of the African cup as catalyst, ultimately, “fall king” emancipated become 2012 “an African elder brother”.

Worth staying up to

Cartoon gerben and become attached to listen or in the 2011 season midway, because at that time encounter relegation trouble, in order to reverse the adverse situation, team by HuBaoSen personally clappers spend  nike free 5.0 v4 deconstruct money making packing introduced cartoon gerben and Australia MVP flores. Listen to, cartoon gerben have adapted quickly, quickly won the main position. However, due to the coaches in the use of location problems, in 2011 he second half season was not a flash.

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