but also in the French nice team played

After the African cup of nations, with aura regression cartoon gerben confidence, this season for ing scored nine goals, become a team’s best striker. However, henan ing eventually failed to reverse degradation nike free haven 3.0 sale of bad luck, so also let cartoon gerben very disappointed, after all, the year he was too bright side, there is no lack of the pursuit of the giants, let him for their treatment is also higher expectations.

It is understood that the cartoon gerben was ing and club contract is two and a half years, the two sides have a year of the contract to be performed. To listen for the club, of course, want to leave the team’s best striker. But once the cartoon gerben had firmly, the button will naturally cause internecine situation, so the club from the view of human nature and not the words died, all the matters need to negotiate with the other’s agent.

At present, JianYeDui just two days of the plateau winter training, cartoon gerben and prosperous in gaza for the national team for no return. According to the staff’s plan, the best placement in January, the first sight of the prototype leave more time to warm up running in team, once the end of the year before can’t with cartoon gerben reach regression agreement, both parties nike free powerlines for sale may peace break up, in that case, his little teacher younger brother  chang gaza will also leave together.

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Elected to BBC evaluation of African player of the cartoon gerben must thank henan fans. In the selection of process, relevant henan fans BBS, stick, it became a hot topic of discussion. Someone where there is a Chinese, a Chinese there is from henan, the European team to giants, will the number of fans, I’m afraid also difficult to watch with admiration.

With this premise, the cartoon gerben of the vote in a far ahead, but also in reason.

Cartoon gerben have been JianYeDui gets a, even moved his brother also to the idea of China. His brother’s name was felix, one year younger than cartoon gerben in Zambia, no 10 shirt with the team, but also in the French nice team played, speed, and technology are not bad. In the beginning of the year with the ivory coast of Africa cup final, the brothers had made a clear-cut opportunities: brother cheap nike huarache free 2012  from the left one ball points, after passing to the middle outflank brother, but the latter near the shot hit the post. If the ball into the, with blood heart between eye to eye with the Kenyan green activist African cup of nations, this paragraph of brother now will be in the world of football spreads.

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