let ing in international football reputation greatly improved

If this year will be able to accomplish the relegation, again next year ing the cartoon gerben’s brother bought everything, ability and power will greatly improve the team’s attack, but also can improve the navigation body box office, for the club’s business development will play a good effect. To  nike lunareclipse+ 2 cheap  obtain the Africa cup, but can’t help the club avoid relegation, it may also let cartoon gerben very depressed place. Is the so-called: volley from it, opening robe not open.

Cartoon gerben is not the first taste the taste of demotion, listen to before, he in the bundesliga bielefeld effect. In 2009, he and Poland striker called George weah California rick combination is considered to be the year one of the new discovery. Also is at that time, the cartoon gerben to cause the attention of people. That year, bielefeld unfortunately degradation, cartoon gerben still chose to leave, and in the field’s b scored eight goals.

In different days. 2009 years of cartoon gerben was just an ordinary fall king, but now he has become famous in the world of football African footballer of the year. According to the ordinary people’s psychology, as long as  nike lunar eclipse cheap a common sense, all don’t think cartoon gerben will humble abode in the Chinese football league in secondary. According to the attitude and strength, cartoon gerben in five league to find a position should be no problem. Settle for second best, he in the super team to find a job is not in the words. African footballer of the year in business a little the pursuit of what good cavil?

Has a group of out of him, but they could not keep the super qualifications, this is really worth ing a good reflections. In the cartoon gerben and listen and contract, and not like CengCheng that, let the team down a lose  both men and money. Although cartoon gerben let ing in international football reputation greatly improved, but because own amateur, both sides are not wipe out the real spark. “Are you my love can only pass by, don’t say what”, can only use this sentence the words to describe the deep edge shallow.

Listen to it, next year’s goal is to rush back to the super; For the cartoon gerben is concerned, he is the competition of next year will be especially difficult task. The first is the African cup at the beginning of the year, as the captain of the defending champion, cartoon gerben looking forward to lead the Zambia nike lunarglide 3 for sale  team go further. Then, Zambia teams participating in the World Cup qualifier, although China for Brazil, but if Zambia team can the finals, in 2014 Brazil see cartoon gerben in the court of World Cup of says, for henan fans, is also a good thing.

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