Before the trial I saw Ma Xiaojun intention

Before the trial I saw Ma Xiaojun intention. Wang (Chi):, you  nike air max 95 360 womens sale Kanma, give you all the whole finished. Arrangement to grab Lizhuang are in front of my face, I did not shy away.Q: the media you figured out one night to go to the disciplining door (police) bell Report Lizhuang how it A: No, there is no such thing. Was: one or two in the morning when I brought up the Wei-kuo first sentence is: Gong just die to give you a chance, we do report (Li Zhuang) Material to meritorious Hello Health and tie, you look under Li Zhuang teach you to say  I said wisdom. They shouted I, obviously Lizhuang called you estoppel, we have all seen, you turtle children also crafty.?????First go after the third day came back to house room, said while in the process,  nike air max ltd womens uk and Wei-kuo irritated. Expressed before walking to intensify this much left. Wang (Chi) and Bear peak in left. Wang hit my head, Feng Xiong paper cups tricking me, open cold air conditioning blowing me (was winter). Time when any discipline (144 rooms) integrity, called Xing-Wei Liu. Soon to be transferred. See me say: being the whole wow  I suspect he saw I was playing the surveillance video, he is from Henan.On Pretrial myself would like to hand injury how to. I can not, with the discipline of Bin Cao  Said, I formed handcuffs wrestling, Debu  He laughed and said well, and shook his head. I understand that he is a person of integrity.Later, I talked with Wang (Chi) discuss that before I hurt the work of the heavy steel. Want not  Wang (Chi) said no, two or three decades, long time, out of forensic identification. Later, he asked me to come before go where. I May Hainan playing. He said: it is said to go swimming when wire or wisdom for scratches. And the hotel also grazed with blue syrup.The members of the panel repeatedly leadership Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor – 1 Gene, Zhang Pu, Ho, deputy head of Division called I Do (dismissal) Li Zhuang. This is not the Li Zhuang meet before. Meet secondary this attitude is more intense. Third Wei-kuo. The (arrest Li Zhuang former) middle commitment also twenty million or thirty million. Call me back Lizhuang. I do not agree, say that this is a home inside me to do.????Li Zhuang caught my wife called me, with the public security phone, are on both sides of the public security phone. Said they hired a lawyer, she said, is professor of Beijing. The money is two hundred thousand or two hundred and fifty thousand. His assistant. I said, Well, do not. She cried and said that nike air max 2012 womens uk salethe money to 50,000. But they told me not to the lawyers. I have no idea. Did not see a lawyer.

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