The Li Zhuang trial was sentenced to two and a half later

The Li Zhuang trial was sentenced to two and a half latnike air max tn uk sale er, I am in the detention center had personally told the Chongqing Public Security Bureau Wei-kuo, Deputy Secretary, if you want to Li Zhuang case made of iron case, there is only one way, Guo Q: What way I say: you only as soon as possible to kill all Gong’s all brothers, otherwise, they always have to tell the truth that day, this day, to the.Read the last paragraph, some moved inside, some sour nose.Meets transcriptsTime: September 12, 2012 morningLocation: Chongqing prison (now Chongqing are prison)Asked people: Junin – Sichuan Xin day law firmRecord: Wang Wanqiong – Sichuan customers Shielded Law FirmBe asked: Gong just dieZhao captain, accompanied by police: 10th district supervisorAsked: After twice before met, our case to a certain extent you have to understand. Today you expose your original lawyer Li Zhuang case you understand the situation, you know A: clear.Q: Li Zhuang your initial lawyer In your fanike air max 24/7 uk sale mily who commissioned A: Yes. If my wife commissioned.Q: Li Zhuang asked you to sign a blank power of attorney is how is it ??A: The time to deal with the debt of the company, to be some legal formalities. My signature, the public security of a surname also told me to think clearly. Sign do not sign oh, you then trust him I said I do not trust him, who to trust. There were two public security in the next.????Li Zhuang see me three times in the process, the detention center, some people have been standing behind me. (Monitor met) Branch (the panel members), big guy, little guy (Jiangbei detention center, police officers), as well as Bin Cao.?Q: focus blinked told you retracted that.???A: Li Zhuang come also with assistant, named Ma. I was trembling and very excited, speechless. Li Zhuang told me to calm down. At that time I was a handcuffs on the iron fence. I give Li Zhuang tells me to be hanging, injuries to the hands, told him to come to see. They compiled Lizhuang Fuer come and teach me estoppel????Fact, he confessed to me some legal rights. If death row inmates have legal aid. He asked me for medical clearance did not I said no. He said that in court you dare say do not be afraid. Going to experience injury. He also proposed. Later, he took out the dossier, according to the testimony of his co me 11 to verify the counts.????Not hearing quality all retracted. Only nike air max 1 uk sale I do not, I do not dare, have been threatening me to do my job.

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