bunkers Here is the dam sinks.At 8:45 on the 24th

formation of a tilt to the reservoirs direction bunkers Here is the dam sinks.At 8:45 on the 24th Xu, arising from either the Spring Bud kindergarten principal Zhouchun E driving a Changan 7 van through here, to avoid agricultural vehicle parked roadside, the van burst into the bunker. Faster van into the bunker, tire slip bunker. Improper operation of the driver, the vehicle skidding when cornering to the pond.The time of the incident, the car contained a total of 17 people, including 15 kindergarten students, a teacher and drivers are seriously overloaded.Reporter learned that the accident vehicle was purchased for Zhouchun E in February 201  cheap north face backpacks uk 2 from the village, a village in the hands. Order to facilitate boarding students, the owner of the vehicle seat back after all been dismantled, modified. 35-year-old car owners Zhouchun E obtaining a driving license for the first time on October 12, 2011, for permission to drive as C1. Currently, Zhouchun E, have been controlled.4 injured children out of dangerGuixi City People’s Hospital pediatric ward on the second floor o  north face kids down jackets uk sale f the afternoon of the 25th, the reporter saw four young children survived the accident. The hospital pediatric deputy director Li Jinwen introduced four young children has been out of danger, still recuperating conditioning, if the recovery is in good condition soon be able to discharge. 11 children were killed mainly due to drowning and cold.Guixi City, according to police, and 8:49 on the morning of the 24th, Guixi City Police first received the alarm call of the school bus drivers, fire, police, and other professional immediately dispatched forces to come to the rescue. More remote point of the incident and the road is bumpy, rescue workers arrived at the scene a north face gore tex jacket women bout 9:20.School bus fell into the water, villagers and township cadres emergency. School bus crashed at a water depth of three to four meters, also exposed roof just fell into the water, the rescued car door a few young children, the school bus would be completely submerged in the water. To about 9:30, three children were killed, 10 children were rescued and rushed to hospital. The rescue lasted reservoirs drained water, confirmed that no omission after the end.Reporter learned that the victims of the 11 child care for eight boys, three girls, children are 4-6 years old, all of the village and stream Leng Village this town together disk.The Guixi Municipal Propaganda Minister, Li Zhonghua confirm Riverside town give the families of the 11 victims of child care in the morning of the 25th, 48 million in cash as compensation. The other aftermath is orderly fashion.Original title: News 11: School bus accident  Education or “loss of care “News 11 December 25, 2012, complete sets of the- School bus accident  Education or “loss of care (Guides)Commentary:Bags, shoes, reservoirs, 11 of the victims are children from 4-6 years of age.Drowning child parents:Panic, pull the who is who.Commentary:She is the principal of the driver, but she opened the van is an unapproved nursery and a long-term overload.Killed the parents of children:Why let her open six or seven years Commentary:They are the child’s guardian.Killed the parents of children:Go out

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