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work out, there are two children, have so far no one has to go memorial.Commentary:Security investigation and why not do not leak one school, one of a car does not leak Zouqi Bin Riverside staff of the People’s Government in the town:If rectification is not in place, and will certainly be off, which know that behind this thing.Commentary:”News 11″ Today’s Focus: Accident school bus accident  Education or “loss of care Moderator Xiaomeng:Welcome to being broadcast, “News 11.Today we want to pay attention to the nursery school bus safety incidents occurred in Guixi. We did a survey, “News 11” at least the fifth concerned about the safety of school buses, more to expand the scope of the relationship between rural kindergarten security issues, the number of involved even more, every time we all hope this is the last, Every time we want out corrective measures can play an influential role, This time, however, we are disappointed.Subtitles Tip:December 24, 2012, around 9:00 am, Guixi City, Bin Jiang Xianghong Tong VillageInformation:Nine o’clock this morning, Guixi Riverside Township, River Village.Guixi City, a kindergarten shuttle crashed into a pond.5:20 PM on this accident has caused the death of 11 children, and four children out of danger.Commentary:Yesterd    north face 3in1 jacket uk sale ay, Guixi City, Hung Tong in 11 families spent a sleepless night of grief. Today, Guixi City Riverside Town People’s Government signed with the families of the 11 children a traffic accident agreement, a one-time payment of compensation for death, funeral expenses, a total of 48 million in the form of cash.A base van incident on the morning of pull 17 people, including 15 kindergarten children, the other two are the drivers and teachers. Drove the overloaded van is precisely a day the the Spring Bud kindergarten children to and from school principal Zhou moth.Zhou moth:A bu the north face men’s apex bionic jacket uk sale mper there, just where pebbles, sand, stone, car rear wheel stuck in there, I stepped on the gas, on the left rushed down.Commentary:In order to hide an agricultural vehicle, Zhou moth driving the van directly charged into the 34-meter-deep pond, the deeper water reservoirs were inverted cone, closer to the pond center, has caused great difficulties for the salvage work. Fire officers and men can only drill into underwater, while standing on the dike of villagers struggling to pull the rope.Involved in the rescue of the villagers said that the accident is too sudden, have not had time to rescue the car quickly sank.Nearby villagers:I’m going to get the rope, when I sa  cheap north face denali mens jacket uk w the scene, the car did not, I saw the

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