flat roof of the car.Commentary:Villagers Tong

Huibing hear the children to the car fell into the pond, hurriedly paddled a boat came next to the van from an open window, he has rescued two children and one teacher. Children because the car was closed from the outside, the water can not extricate himself, when his two children and teachers sent to the shore, and then came to the van next to rescue from the windows at the intangible.Tong Huibing children of parents:Inside the driver is still there, I do not know exactly how long, after two or three minutes, three or four minutes may be adults it may be a big point of the vibration force the driver to climb out of the climb out is also badly battered.Commentary:Yesterday afternoon, the accident pond has been cordoned off up to 7:00 pm, the pond was drained, confirmed that there has been no children. Pond scattered the salvaged children shoes and bags. The four children in the hospital out of danger, while 11 children were killed, eight boys and three girls, 6-year-old, the youngest is only 4 years old. Tong Yuxiang, Pengbing Yu, Hu Simin, Luo Qin Xin Tong Qian Longsheng, Tongfang Jiang, Tong Chenxi, Hu Siqi, Tong Quan ice, Tong Jiawei Lu rain.Moderator:The name of the deceased children in the background screen is still playing out, we can see the 4-year-old, 5   north face men’s gore tex jacket sale years old, 6 years old, very small numbers, people felt unbearable pain. My colleagues and I even hesitate Today we do not go to the face of the subject, precisely because this pain, we want to continue to face, even if some of the words to say, we are not afraid to repeat, until this thing really less occur, or does not occur.Sadness, then do not say the we sensibly term. In fact, every time this accident, is nothing less than black drivers, black school bus, black kindergarten, then the solution is to control the principals seizure of the school bus, rectify kindergarten, it seems that everyone is familiar with such a process, however, the process to deal with things so familiar , but it does not eliminate or reduce the occurrence of such things.What is the re   new womens north face jacket uk ason that we continue to ask. Now we have to connect the reporter Bear party.The Jiangxi school bus accident accident driver XingJu the “black” nursery is shut downDecember 24, Guixi City rollover accident with the van fell into the water, leading to three young children died on the spot, eight children died, and four children were injured. On the morning of the 25th, the relevant departments and the relatives of the victims children signed an agreement aftermath of compensation have all been released every bereaved families of children of RMB 48 million.Reporter survey found that the reasons behind the accident and previous similar incident occurred  cheap womens north face denali hoodie

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