concerned about the price of the transition

 so that our regulation is possible the previous government is forced by the pressure of public opinion, and finally also in some cases explicitly say we want the price down, but in fact this is a statement of a forest for the trees.?Skyrocketing than 18 major direction of the ruling authorities impossible to such a low level of?The price down, you say he dropped it, or how to, or or decline. Ideally, healthy market each year slowly rose a moderate rise, rather than the rapid rise. Successive years of falling house prices, of course, is not a healthy performance, so I think the more positive approach to go up the standard of living of the residents, and at the same time control the rapid rise in prices, moderate rise in the standard of living air jordan 11 retro for sale of residents each year to improve this idealized state. So I think that may be in the next decade, at least from eighteen major spiritual terms, is to advance between such a direction. Thus interpret the next decade surge, or a surge next year I think this is by no means agree, I think our government really want another two terms, and get a result, today can be said that the current government will is a failure of government, I think our ruling authorities will not level so low.?18 big and real estate taxes, property taxes can not drop prices?House prices are now complaining people’s livelihood to the people’s livelihood cheap air jordan 10 shoes  send very clear I can responsibly say that the property tax is unlikely to drop prices less alone this tool is one hundred percent, almost impossible, that one day real estate prices market very rational, very healthy, it must be a very system trio, a good implementation, and then a very tackling the problem, the result of long-term unremitting, no estate tax credit. In fact, I think this also shows that most people’s mind is awake, I personally think that is clear-headed, and I think the government’s mind is awake, so far may be only a few idiot on it, that is,
cheap air jordan 13 retro  those minority idiot is not to this vigorously cheers, cheering property taxes that listing the number of the big stick waved high prices uproarious collapsed, this part of the idiot may be a large number, but

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