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 are not confused. I have been a clear-cut opposition to the property tax, two points, the first point is that China’s tax as a tax tool itself is too high, the tax is too heavy, talked about for several years, for example, the international data comprehensive tax second, because the income tax is reduced from 33 to 25, also dropped a third, including the turnover tax, now breeding industry is going to be what earnings change increased, turnover tax reform VAT structural tax cuts, but also tdiscount air jordan 14 retro  o find ways to Another tax that the supervision and collection of links, too gray and ambiguous, is already very high, but there is no real sign in place such a high tax rate, the two situations.?The rate depends on the relationship between supply and demand rather than property taxes?Then we have to drop prices in the real estate tax has beecheap air jordan 2012  n advertised Technically speaking, what is it, is to increase the the holder holding costs, and in order to reduce demand, which is logical, but where the problem lies, I’ll talk about two example, an example of horizontal comparison, the area housinjordan after game ii for sale  g prices skyrocketing property taxes, the proportion of people do not call the property tax, the United States compared with the real estate tax, property tax, U.S. housing prices bubble burst in 2007, is said in the past worldwide in the previous rose much more fierce global prices rose most places have property taxes, and even property tax levied proportion to six thousandths that two or three times more expensive than our four thousandths, why not prices down, so I think the decision to the prices of the most fundamental supply-demand relationship, if the relationship between supply and demand imbalance, the relationship between supply and demand has been a problem, just like China, the demand is too strong, then supply is relative told not to say, and then such a place, and then increase to four thousandths of the cost of these buyers, it is easy to pass out, so I think the simple real estate tax is a something inside the market demand greater than supply, demand a single surface rise is fueled tools. Among relatively in a market collapse of a unilateral cases, property tax help or we do not want to hold, the only kind of relatively complete system design, relative market health, property taxes will be in a certain extent, to play its positive role, but its positive role is not used to lower prices, so I am of this view.?Property tax levy to be considered then set endurance?That includes the last minister of the Ministry of Finance, he made it clear the table before state, is the property to expand the pilot, but speaking to change just about 18 members, who it next, we depend on his attitude. Him up

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