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thank the Minister a policy, it will continue to implement the change for us from the political level, some see the future trend of the property tax or may be little mystery, does not necessarily depend on the changes in March next year. Market opinion or official statement now or should be said that likely will continue to be implemented on how, on this premise, a simple analysis of the role of impact, in fact, how is concerned, I also very much agree with the point of view of the General Lee, the property tax levy, not for some friends Yehao or public reviews, levy property taxes falling house prices, property taxes increase the cost of a holding part of these investments go certain households of when to sell the property, then the property tax as a pre-real estate prices constitute part, then set certainly have to withstand a result of the real estate tax.Moderator: Mr. Zhang We know that Road Gaowang weight, although long-term in the south, in southern China, in Hong Kong, when we talk about economic development naturally without China’s reform, China’s reform and the trend is away from not open, consult Professor Zhang a problem, maybe I was alarmist, perhaps m  jordan big ups on sale y cautionary Myth, past reforms in China to achieve maximum success a factor, I am a lot of places and ask for advice Members of China’s past reform so successful main What are the factors  If we say deviation China produce so many problems today, as long as a problem in China’s reform and such a large deviation, what is the main reason Steven Cheung: do the best system to do good, good system of inter-county compair jordan fly wade shoes cheap  etition, this is the miracle of the human, doing the best.Moderator: you say we Yimapingchuan full of flowers, and why we today there are so many problems, the economy is still in the high-speed growth process which has a significant deviation where significant deviation Zhang Wuchang: do the worst is the introduction of Wescheap jordan melo m8 shoes  tern thought.Moderator: Professor Zhang you would like to want to negate our reform and opening it  The reform and opening up is open, followed by reform the external Western world open domestic economic and social reform in China and even system.Steven Cheung: China’s own good place to find their own way out, copied back is not good, because they are not good, copy back worse.Moderator: But before 1840 no fumbling well before 1978, no fumbling, only in 1978, after China opened up to the West slowly progress.Zhang Wuchang: because the Chinese people are smart, but they do not believe themselves smart, always thought a foreigner clever, in fact, the Chinese people are smarter than foreigners.Moderator: We a

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