conflict with the labor law and other laws,

regulations, and people formed habits

uncoordinated. Yesterday, his letter to the Office of the State Council, proposed

to be modified.Seven days classes a week connected to the suspected illegalHan Fu

political arrangements in accordance with the notice of the State Council on the

2013 part of the holiday arrangements “, in 2013 many workers will face an eight

consecutive days of work, the special case of three for seven consecutive days of

work.Han Fu Zheng pointed out that, under section 38 of the labor law in China,

“the employer shall ensure its workers at least one day a week”. “The provisions

of the State Council on the working hours of employees, the provisions of Article

3,” workers eight hours a day, working 40 hours a week “.He believes, according

to the above specific provisions, general laborers week work only five days a

particular case, the employer must also ensure its workers at least 24 hours a

day of rest per week.New Year Festival “in accordance with the arrangements of

the ‘notice’ for eight consecutive days to work continuously after the Spring

Festival seven days of work. 8 days and 7 days spanning two weeks, is not

consecutive week, two holiday arrangements involve generalized the law and narrow

understanding, let’s regardless of whether it is an offense, but before the Labor

Day 7 consecutive days of work, the Dragon Boat Festival for seven consecutive

days before the work occurred within a week from Monday to Sunday. “Han Fu-cheng

said.In his view, continuously on duty seven days a week, which is obviously set

the situation of the employer alleged labor law violations, the laborer is

therefore deprived of their statutory right to rest at least one day a week.The

proposal has express to the General Office of the State CouncilHan Fu Zheng

pointed out that, although the labor law, workers working hours may be extended,

but it must be the legal situation under labor law and other laws and

regulations. “Administracheap nike free run 5.0 v4    tive rulemaking procedures under the Ordinance, the

General Office of the State Council ‘notice’ does not belong to the scope of the

administrative rules and regulations, the legal situation of nature can not be

set to extend the working hours of laborers.””Holiday arrangements can not do

that makes everyone’s satisfaction, but first of all can not be illegal.” Han Fu

-cheng, the arrangements for the holidays, the relevant departments can actually

take the form of a similar heari
cheap nike free 4.0 v2 ng, extensively solicit opinions from the point

of view of respect for public opinion. Based on this letter to the General Office

of the State Council as a citizen, modify and arrange for the vacation days off

date ‘notice’ problems, “Yesterday, I express proposals to the General Office of

the State Council would like to receive the other replies. ‘Original title: new

home price last month the chain rose 5.2% to 21,800 yuan / square meterBeijing

Housing Association yesterday released cheap nike free 3.0 v4  data, new home transactions an average

price of 21,800 yuan / square meter in November rose 5.2% MoM in October. This is

since the second half of the year, new home price in Beijing the first time in

the chain rose. Compared to October, up 1,000 yuan.Second-hand hous

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