Zhaoqing, are rural residents. However

specific collection of social maintenance

fees also need to go through the investigation and calculation.Accordance with

the provisions of Article 53 of the force in 2009, Guangdong Province Population

and Family Planning Ordinance, rural residents are able to bounce back one child,

the local township farmers last year the per capita net income of $ cardinality

of both husband and wife, one-time levy more than 3 times 6 times less than the

social compensation fee, I actcheap nike free run 3    ually annual net income is higher than last year

per capita net income of farmers in the local township, social compensation fee

should also be doubled to more than 2 times subject to its portion in excess;

bounce two or more children , to bounce a chicheap nike free run 2   ldren’s social compensation fee

should be levied as a base, the comeback number of children for multiples

Assessments for this purpose.EstimateOperators be fined up to a thousand million

annual household income of one million yuanAccording to the above provisions, the

8 births are born in August and September 2010, of which five operators comeback.

Another inspection before the child is born the previous year, that is $ 6355

yuan per capita net income of farmers in 2009 Zhaoqing Lakes region, local

township. 8 births a month according to earlier media reports, the nanny costs up

to $ 100,000, pursuant to whichcheap nike free run shoes    the estimate, 800 births parents in 2009 net

income of at least $ 100 million, the local township of more than 6355 yuan per

capita net income of farmers. Under section 53, in accordance with the highest

punishment, [6355 (1000000-6355) × 2] × 5 = 10.1271 million yuan. According to

the minimum penalty, [6355 × 3 (1000000-6355)] × 5 = 5063550 yuan. DONG Yu

whole, director of the Office of the Guangdong Provincial Family Planning

Commission said yesterday, the Ordinance to take this method of calculation is To

avoid serious wealthy comeback. Therefore, the more money the more able to bounce

back the more social compensation fee to be levied. [Recommended Illustrated]2013

holiday arrangements announced by the State Council, has caused widespread

concern. Yesterday, lawyer Han, Fu Zheng said, some vacation days off

arrangements lead to workers for seven consecutive days of work a week, wh

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